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IAP 2007 Schedule for Thu Jan 25

07:00 AM
Group Exercise Pass  (to 07:30 PM)    Various

08:00 AM
Adult Beginning Swim  (to 09:00 AM)    Zesiger Shallow Pool

09:00 AM
Chinese Lion Dance Cancelled 
Implementing a Retail Demand Chain Driven by Service  (to 11:00 AM)    E51-325

09:30 AM
Humans and Artificial Agents Learning Simultaneously  (to 03:00 PM)    Room 33-319
LabVIEW Series: Virtual Instrumentation in Biomedical Engineering  (to 11:00 PM)    32-144
Numerical Techniques in Economics  (to 10:30 AM)    E51-361
Science Policy Bootcamp    Location unavailable

10:00 AM
An Introductory Course to MATLAB  (to 11:00 AM)    14-0637
Build A Solar Vehicle: Open Work Sessions  (to 04:00 PM)    NW95
Experimental Chocolate Truffle-Making  (to 06:00 PM)    McCormick Kitchen
From Understanding Cortex to Building Intelligent Machines  (to 12:00 PM)    46-3310
GIS: Using Network Analyst  (to 12:00 PM)    7-238, MIT GIS Lab
Introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy  (to 11:00 AM)    13-2137
Mars Base Design Workshop  (to 12:00 PM)    1-246
Skating 05033-  (to 11:00 AM)    Jophnson Ice Rink
Taking the Next Step in Academic Science: Academic Teaching Positions  (to 11:30 AM)    68-181
The Innovator's Delight: Looking for "THE NEXT BIG THING"  (to 03:00 PM)    1-190
Women's only Beginning Swim 05039-0  (to 11:00 AM)    Alumni/Wang pool

10:30 AM
Opera - the Ultimate Dramatic Experience  (to 01:00 PM)    4-160

11:00 AM
Baseball (Art of Hitting)  (to 12:00 PM)    Rockwell Cage
MIT@Lawrence Project Information sessions  (to 04:00 PM)    Lawrence, MA
Skating 05033-2  (to 12:00 PM)    Johnson Ice Rink
Squash - Beginning - 05034  (to 12:00 PM)    Z center courts

12:00 PM
Charity Knitting/Crocheting - Red Scarf Project  (to 01:30 PM)    10-384
Climate Change: Boston Underwater Walking Tour  (to 04:00 PM)    E40-496
Industry Research for Engineers and Scientists: Exploring Markets and Products  (to 01:00 PM)    14N-132
Long-Range Planning for Your Software Technology Career  (to 02:00 PM)    33-401A
Taking the Next Step in Academic Science: Postdoc Bootcamp, Life as a Postdoc at MIT  (to 01:30 PM)    68-181
Technique - The Yearbook of MIT  (to 10:00 PM)    W20-451
The Feynman Films: Probability and Uncertainty  (to 01:30 PM)    32-123
Web Publishers User Group  (to 01:00 PM)    N42-Demo Center
Yoga 2  (to 01:00 PM)    T-club

12:15 PM
Mars Settlement Discussion    Location unavailable

01:00 PM
Aikido - 05108 Cancelled 
Aikido 05108-0  (to 02:30 PM)    duPont
Archery 05001-0  (to 02:00 PM)    Rockwell Cage
Biogen Idec Tour    Location unavailable
Body SMARTS 05010-0  (to 03:00 PM)    duPont
Copyright Unlocked: Managing Copyright to Advance Research and Teaching at MIT  (to 03:00 PM)    32-155
Fencing - Sabre 05028-1  (to 02:00 PM)    Fencing
Figure Skating 05042-0  (to 03:00 PM)    Johnson Ice Rink
Introduction to Lost-Wax Casting    Location unavailable
Leadership Today: Lessons and Applications (in only 3 days)    Location unavailable
Pistol - Intermediate 05014-2  (to 03:00 PM)    Pistol Range
RAD (Rape Aggression Defense)  (to 03:00 PM)    duPont T-Club
Sustaining Global Pressures: Women in Science and Engineering: Global Perceptions of Women in Science and Engineering  (to 02:00 PM)    W20-400
TSM: Who Needs Backups Anyway?  (to 02:30 PM)    1-150
The Distaff Arts: Medieval Clothing Technology  (to 05:00 PM)    E51-095
Top Rope Climbing - 05016-0  (to 05:00 PM)    MetroRock Everett
Tour of the MIT-Bates Electron Linear Accelerator Center  (to 04:30 PM)    Bldg 26 Loading dock
Volleyball - Beginner 05054-0  (to 02:00 PM)    Rockwell Cage
Weight Training 05007-2  (to 02:00 PM)    duPont Weight Room

01:30 PM
Physics Lectures for the General MIT Community: i

Planets Around Other Stars

  (to 02:30 PM)    32-123

02:00 PM
Archery 05001-1  (to 03:00 PM)    Rockwell Cage
Fencing - Foil 05028-2  (to 03:00 PM)    Fencing Room
GIS: Model Builder  (to 04:00 PM)    7-238, MIT GIS Lab
Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy  (to 04:00 PM)    E38-714
Programming in PostScript  (to 03:00 PM)    4-261
The Wonders of X-Ray Diffraction  (to 04:00 PM)    13-2137
Two Case Studies of Launch Vehicle Mishaps  (to 03:00 PM)    Room 33-116
Volleyball (Intermediate) 05053-1  (to 03:00 PM)    Rockwell Cage

03:00 PM
Digital Video Post-Production Clinic (CLASS IS FULL)  (to 05:00 PM)    26-139
For Graduate Students: Careers Fields After MIT: For Graduate Students: Career Fields After MIT (BIOPHARMA/MEDICAL DEVICES)  (to 04:30 PM)    10-250
Hardcore Intro to Mathematica -- Empower Your Mathematical Skills with a Simple and Versatile Computing Language  (to 06:00 PM)    3-270
Integration Bee: Integration Bee Qualifying Testing  (to 05:00 PM)    54-100
On the Road to 2010...: Get a Jump Start on Your Sophomore Year  (to 05:00 PM)    Twenty Chimneys(W20)
Using Virtualization to Explore Issues in Network Security  (to 04:00 PM)    32-155

03:15 PM
Upgrade your Health and Happiness in 7 Short Days 05015-0  (to 05:00 PM)    Media Room, W35

03:30 PM
Stem Cells and Regenerative Biology: Stem cell systems in Drosophila  (to 04:30 PM)    Whitehead Auditorium
Want to be a Consultant? How to Land the Job (for Sophomores & Juniors)  (to 05:00 PM)    37-212

04:00 PM
Bouldering Indoor Climbing 05201-0  (to 05:30 PM)    Walker
Bowls & Cups  (to 06:30 PM)    W20-431
Effective Speaking  (to 06:00 PM)    1-390
EndNote Basics - CLASS FULL  (to 05:00 PM)    14N-132, DIRC
Environmental Tour: Green Fuel Technologies  (to 07:00 PM)    W11 - Hillel Center
Hydrogen: hype or hope?  (to 05:30 AM)    13-4101
The Road To A Better World  (to 06:00 PM)    Room 2-136
The Torah, the Whole Torah, and Nothing But the Torah  (to 05:00 PM)    W11 - Hillel Center

04:30 PM
Printmaking: Collagraph  (to 07:00 PM)    W20-425

05:00 PM
Adult Beginning Swim - Evening  (to 06:00 PM)    Zesiger Shallow Pool
Around the World Potluck and Game Night  (to 07:00 PM)    W11-Main Dining Room
Biomatrix Mentoring Series  (to 06:30 PM)    TOMB, 186 Brookline
Egyptian-Influenced Belly Dance  (to 06:30 PM)    50-201
IAP Skiing & Snowboarding 05022-0  (to 11:00 PM)    Westford, MA
In Vino Veritas  (to 08:00 PM)    35-410
Pilates 1  (to 06:00 PM)    T-club
Pungmul (Korean Traditional Drumming) Workshops  (to 08:00 PM)    McCormick Dance Rm
Watercolor  (to 07:00 PM)    W20-425

05:30 PM
Programming in Perl  (to 07:30 PM)    56-114

06:00 PM
Adult Advanced Beginner Swim  (to 07:00 PM)    Zesiger Shallow Poo
Basic Machine Shop Skills and Techniques  (to 08:00 PM)    W31-031 Hobby Shop
Designing Furniture Using Models  (to 08:30 PM)    W31-031 Hobby Shop
Environmental Film Festival: "Ecological Design"  (to 09:00 PM)    32-124
Esperanto for Beginners II  (to 07:30 PM)    2-143
Running 101:5K training  (to 07:00 PM)    Zesiger Ctr Lobby
Running 102: Half Marathon Training  (to 07:00 PM)    Zesgier Ctr Lobby
Safer Sex Interactive Workshop  (to 08:00 PM)    W20- Twenty Chimneys
Step 1  (to 07:00 PM)    T-Club

06:30 PM
Alumni Affairs for FSILGs  (to 08:30 PM)    W20-301/302
Change Ringing in the Tower  (to 09:00 PM)    Lobby 7
Winter School  (to 09:00 PM)    35-225

07:00 PM
"PV in 2012: What's Next in Photovoltaic Technology, Policy, and Economics?": "The Present and Future of the PV Industry: Supply, Demand, Price, and Profits"  (to 08:30 PM)    66-144
Breakdancing Sessions with Imobilare  (to 09:30 PM)    Lobby 13 or Bldg 34
Hinduism: Philosophy and Practice: Hinduism: The practices (Multiple Speakers)  (to 08:30 PM)    1-150
Intro to Python  (to 10:00 PM)    1-190
Introduction to Contract Bridge  (to 09:30 PM)    4-149
Judo  (to 09:00 PM)    DuPont Wrestling rm
Making and Breaking: Mosaics  (to 09:30 PM)    W20-431
Squash Group Clinic - Intermediate & Advanced  (to 08:00 PM)    Zesiger Squash Court
Staging Revolutions on Film: Staging Revolutions on Film - "Morning Sun" (China)  (to 10:00 PM)    32-155

07:30 PM
Advanced Gentoo Linux  (to 09:30 PM)    56-114
Ballroom Dance Workshops: Salsa  (to 09:00 PM)    Morss Hall (Walker)
Basic Camera & Darkroom Techniques  (to 10:00 PM)    W20-425
Pi, "Pi", Pie.  (to 10:00 PM)    W11 - Hillel Center
Pre - Masters Swimming  (to 08:30 PM)    Zesgier 50M Pool
Stroke Technique  (to 08:30 PM)    Zesiger Shallow Pool
Tae Kwon Do 05012-1  (to 09:00 PM)    duPont

08:00 PM
Electronic Music Production  (to 09:00 PM)    TBA
Rubik's Cube: Solving for Beginners  (to 09:00 PM)    24-619

09:00 PM
Chinese Lion Dance  (to 11:00 PM)    Kresge Rehrsl Rm A

10:00 PM
Advanced Web Design for the Nocturnal Code Monkey  (to 12:00 AM)    37-312
Rubik's Cube: Solving for Beginners  (to 11:00 PM)    24-619

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