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IAP 2007 Schedule for Wed Jan 31

07:00 AM
Aqua Athlete  (to 08:00 AM)    Zesgier Shallow Pool
Group Exercise Pass  (to 07:30 PM)    Various

08:00 AM
Adult Beginning Swim  (to 09:00 AM)    Zesiger Shallow Pool

09:00 AM
Boeing 767 Cockpit Systems and Automation  (to 01:00 PM)    Room 33-116
Transforming a Commodity Supply Chain  (to 10:30 AM)    E51-325

09:30 AM
LabVIEW Series: LabVIEW Basics  (to 04:30 PM)    32-144

10:00 AM
Build A Solar Vehicle: Open Work Sessions  (to 04:00 PM)    NW95
Spectroscopic Instrumentation at CMSE  (to 12:00 PM)    13-2137
Storytelling and Games in the Digital Age  (to 05:00 PM)    14E-310
The Image of the City: the Legacy of Kevin Lynch, a Boston Summary: The View from the Road  (to 12:00 PM)    Room 10-485
Women's only Beginning Swim 05039-0  (to 11:00 AM)    Alumni/Wang pool

11:00 AM
Health and Safety Issues of Nanomaterials  (to 12:00 PM)    1-150

12:00 PM
2007 EAPS Lecture Series: Diamonds - From Science to Sparkle: Marketing Diamonds - Making Diamond Dreams Come True  (to 01:00 PM)    54-915
Better Teaching @ MIT: Coaches Teach the Teachers  (to 01:00 PM)    W-32- DuPont Gym
Bootcamp I    Location unavailable
Bootcamp I    Location unavailable
CLASS FULL!! Planning for Combat: Concepts & practices for problem-solving on and off the battlefield  (to 02:00 PM)    E38-714
Clinical Research Center Series: Should We All Be Vegetarians? What is the Medical Evidence for the Health Benefit of a Vegetarian Diet?  (to 01:00 PM)    E18-470
History and Mystery of the Tarot: The Spreading of the Tarot    Location unavailable
J-1 Student Visa Workshop  (to 01:30 PM)    5-134
Junk Food Cravings: How to Cut Back  (to 01:00 PM)    37-212
Keeping Current: Using RSS Feeds to Stay Ahead in Your Research  (to 01:00 PM)    14N-132 (DIRC)
Mars Gravity Biosatellite - Brownbag Lunch Session: Spacecraft and Systems Engineering  (to 01:00 PM)    33-116
Straight Talk About Women and Investing  (to 01:00 PM)    32-141
Technique - The Yearbook of MIT  (to 10:00 PM)    W20-451
World Religions - Interaction between God and Man  (to 01:00 PM)    W11-180
Worldly Wednesdays: MIT World films in the MIT Libraries: Timothy Brown - "Innovation Through Design Thinking"  (to 01:30 PM)    10-500

12:30 PM
Chatter By the Charles Toastmasters  (to 01:30 PM)    E19-431

01:00 PM
Energy Myths: How Are We Really Going to Deal with the Challenge of Global Warming?  (to 05:00 PM)    32-155
Living an Extraordinary Life  (to 04:00 PM)    E51-335

01:30 PM
You thought Pubmed was just a journal database? Links to NCBI sequencing databases, books, PubMedCentral and much more!  (to 03:00 PM)    14N-132

02:00 PM
Aviation Accident Investigation or Agatha Christie for Engineers  (to 03:00 PM)    Room 33-319
Crash Course in C  (to 04:00 PM)    35-225
Markup Languages for Accessible Web: mathML, X3D, SMIL  (to 03:30 PM)    3-133
Structuring Your Scientific Paper  (to 04:00 PM)    32-141
Sushi Making: Roll Sushi by Yourself  (to 03:30 PM)    E38-615

03:00 PM
How to Design and Build Scientific Apparatuses  (to 05:00 PM)    1-150
Mathematics Department Music Recital  (to 05:00 PM)    Killian Recital Hall
Seminar on Learning  (to 05:00 PM)    46-6285

04:00 PM
Being Productive with Emacs  (to 05:00 PM)    35-225
Bouldering - Indoor Climbing - 05201-0  (to 05:30 PM)    Walker
Caffeinated Crash Course in Perl  (to 07:00 PM)    2-135
Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid  (to 08:30 PM)    E23-119
Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid with CPR  (to 09:30 PM)    E25-119
Introduction to Camera Formats  (to 06:30 PM)    W20-425
The Road To A Better World  (to 06:00 PM)    Room 2-136

04:30 PM
Ballroom Dance  (to 06:00 PM)    MAC Zesiger Center
Basic Clay - Section Z  (to 07:00 PM)    W20-431

05:00 PM
Adult Beginning Swim - Evening  (to 06:00 PM)    Zesiger Shallow Pool
Kickbox 1  (to 06:00 PM)    T-club
Real Ruby Topics  (to 07:00 PM)    14-0637
Shotokan Karate  (to 07:00 PM)    DuPont Multipurpose
Using Athena Services with Your Mac  (to 06:00 PM)    1-150

05:30 PM
Aqua Tone  (to 06:30 PM)    Alumni Pool
Third Annual TA Workshop -- "TAcracy" : Effective Teaching Strategies for TAs, by TAs: Teaching Tutorials  (to 07:00 PM)    34-401B

06:00 PM
"Bi Any Other Name": Bi-Curious, Bi-Sexual, and Bi-Questioning Indoor Picnic  (to 08:00 PM)    50-005
Adult Advanced Beginner Swim  (to 07:00 PM)    Zesiger Shallow Poo
Bang Your Head! - Heavy Metal 101  (to 08:00 PM)    14N-225
Esperanto for Beginners II  (to 07:30 PM)    2-143
Introduction to Making Wood Furniture  (to 08:00 PM)    W31-031 Hobby Shop
Is This On? (Learn To Be a College DJ)  (to 08:00 PM)    50-030
The Art of Listening to Jazz  (to 07:30 PM)    4-160
Yoga 1  (to 07:00 PM)    T-Club

07:00 PM
Chinese Brush Painting: Flowers & Birds  (to 09:30 PM)    W20-425
Handbell Ensemble  (to 09:00 PM)    TBA
MIT Panhellenic Association Information Night  (to 09:00 PM)    Lobdell Dining Hall,
MIT Tae Kwon Do Club  (to 09:00 PM)    DuPont Gym 2nd Floor
Star Wars: The Jewish Side of the Force  (to 09:30 PM)    1-190
Tech Model Railroad Club Meeting  (to 10:00 PM)    N52-118
The Films of Pen-Ek Ratanaruang  (to 10:00 PM)    1-134

07:15 PM
Kokikai Aikido for Beginners  (to 09:00 PM)    W32 Wrestling Rm

07:30 PM
Make the Most of Freshman/Sophomore Career Week 2007  (to 08:30 PM)    4-237
Pre - Masters Swimming  (to 08:30 PM)    Zesgier 50M Pool
Sport Tae Kwon Do 05012-0  (to 09:00 PM)    duPont
Sport Taekwondo  (to 09:00 PM)    Du Pont
Stroke Technique  (to 08:30 PM)    Zesiger Shallow Pool
Swing Dancing Lesson  (to 09:00 PM)    Walker Memorial
The Future of Power: Geopolitical Scenarios Accompanying Declining US Influence  (to 09:00 PM)    1-135

08:00 PM
Israeli Folk Dancing: Israeli Dance Beginner's Night  (to 11:00 PM)    Lobby 13
Squash Pressure Sessions  (to 09:00 PM)    Zesiger Squash Court

09:00 PM
American Jiu Jitsu Introduction to Self Defense Skills: Gun Defense (Part II)  (to 10:45 PM)    DuPont Exercise Rm
Swing Dancing: Swing Dancing  (to 11:30 PM)    Walker Memorial

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