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Audit Division

Handling Sensitive Data - what everyone needs to know
Allison Dolan, Monique Yeaton
Tue Jan 12, 10-11:00am, 56-114
Wed Jan 13, 12-01:00pm, W20-20 Chimneys
Thu Jan 21, 03-04:00pm, 56-114

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Repeating event. Participants welcome at any session
Prereq: none

Effective March 1 and in compliance with Massachusetts regulations, MIT will have a new written information security program ("WISP"), with a focus on personal information which, if lost or stolen, will require MIT to notify the impact individuals ("PIRN"). In addition, there are other laws and regulations regarding handling a range of sensitive information. This is a non-technical session that discusses the context for data protection, what needs to be protected and why, the responsibilities for anyone handling personal information, as well as recommendations for securely handling, storing and destroying both electronic and paper records. Presentation and handouts will be available at http://web.mit.edu/infoprotect/resources.html. (This is an updated version of the 2009 IAP session)
Web: http://web.mit.edu/infoprotect
Contact: Allison Dolan, NE49-3021, x2-1461, adolan@mit.edu
Cosponsor: Information Services and Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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