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IAP 2010 Activity

Issues in Technology and Policy Seminar Series
Renee Robins
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

Many policy issues involve the application, commercialization, and control of technologies. This annual seminar series explores selected issues in technology and policy, such as strategies to address such diverse problems as global warming and flu pandemics, and other current topics. Bring brown bag lunch; light refreshments provided.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/tpp
Contact: Renee Robins, E38-408, x3-7662, rrobins@mit.edu
Sponsor: Technology and Policy Program

An Engineering Systems Approach to Pandemic Flu
Prof. Richard Larson
In this talk, Prof. Larson will discuss an eng. systems project in its 3rd year, the modeling and analysis of pandemic influenza. The approach combines mathematical modeling associated with operations research with approaches from social science and management sciences, and suggests strategies to control the spread of the disease. Recent H1N1 developments have provided new data sources and new questions to be analyzed.
Tue Jan 5, 12-01:30pm, E51-145, brown bag lunch; refreshments

A Lean Enterprise Systems Approach to Health Care Transformation
Prof. Deborah Nightingale
The health care system is highly fragmented and increasingly technology-based. For over 15 years MITís Lean Advancement Initiative (LAI) has been working to transform aerospace and defense enterprises in both industry and government. These same methods are now being applied to complex health care systems. This talk will address recent research related to hospitals, the Veteranís Administration and new drug development.
Tue Jan 12, 12-01:30pm, E51-145, brown bag lunch; refreshments

Climate Change Challenges in Developing Countries: Low Carbon Economic Development Options for Indonesia
Dr. Gary Kleiman Sr. Environmental Policy Analyst, World Bank Office, Jakarta
The Government of Indonesia recognizes that climate change is a key economic development issue, and also that early action to address mitigation and adaptation concerns will be strategically beneficial. Indonesia is studying options to address climate change mitigation without compromising development objectives. This talk will review the overarching goals of the study and present early findings across several sectors.
Tue Jan 19, 12-01:30pm, E51-145, brown bag lunch; refreshments
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