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IAP 2010 Activity

Intro to PCB Layout
Tony Caloggero
Tue Jan 19, 01-03:00pm, 4-402

Enrollment limited: advance sign up required (see contact below)
Limited to 15 participants.
Single session event

There are free software packages for laying out printed circuit boards (PCBs), and this activity offers a quick introduction to one such package. We will walk you through some simple design examples, and will submit designs of your choosing to a production house so you will get a set of small PCBs bearing your circuit layout. We presume you will be able to get to a PC on the web. If not we will help you work out alternative arrangements. You are welcome, but not required, to bring your laptop to this session. (Wireless available.)
Contact: Tony Caloggero, 4-409, x3-9782, acalogge@mit.edu
Sponsor: Unknown group:EDGCTR
Cosponsor: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Latest update: 30-Nov-2009

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