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IAP 2010 Activity

Islamic Theology
Suheil Laher
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

Why do we exist? What happens after death?
A theology is a worldview that answers these questions. This series (3 lectures with Q&A) explains the core concepts of Muslim theology: Belief in God, Revelation and Afterlife. It is suitable both for non-Muslims, who seek insight into this, and Muslims, who want a more detailed understanding or review. Other topics include: Reason and Faith, Resurrection, Destiny & Free Will.
Contact: Suheil Laher, W11, (617) 448-6361, msa_imam@mit.edu
Sponsor: Muslim Chaplaincy

Concept of God
Suheil Laher
This session focuses on the first and most important core belief: belief in God (Allah). We will start with an overview of Islam, and some other preliminaries, including the role of reason in Islam, then move on to talk about the existence of God and God's attributes. We will also touch on the concept of human free will.
Tue Jan 12, 06-07:30pm, 1-371

Scripture and Prophethood
Suheil Laher
This session focuses on the second core belief of Islam, which is the belief in prophets as mortal human beings who conveyed God's guidance to mankind. We also talk about books (scriptures) which some of these prophets received from God.
Thu Jan 14, 06-07:30pm, 1-371

Suheil Laher
The final session in this series explores Muslim belief in the life after death, including concepts of the soul, human responsibility, and judgment.
Tue Jan 19, 06-07:30pm, 1-371
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