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IAP 2010 Activity

MIT Hummus Experience
Eliad Shmuel
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

Hummus, a delicious dip made from chickpeas, is now found throughout the US in many variations .
Make Your Own Hummus (1/27 RSVP required) and submit it to The Annual Hummus Taste Off (1/28 noon, Building 10 - Bush Room).
The first workshop will be mastered by Lura Steele, a world-renowned Hummus fan, and Eliad Shmuel, a native of Haifa, Israel and MIT Hillel's Program Director.
Not sure what hummus is? Join George Kirbi '79 and Learn How To Make Hummus For Beginners (1/19)
All we are saying is "give chickpeas a chance."
Web: http://hummus.mit.edu/
Contact: Eliad Shmuel, (617) 252-1521, hummus@mit.edu
Sponsor: Hillel
Cosponsor: MIT - Israel

Learn How to Make Hummus for beginners
Eliad Shmuel
Workshop participants will learn how to make hummus from a great chef -- George Kirby '79 who is well-known in greater Boston for his homemade hummus.
Bonus - Spice it up with a Yemenite hot sauce (Zhug)
Tue Jan 19, 07-09:00pm, W11 - Main Dinning R

Hummus tour
Eliad Shmuel
Touring a hummus factory is like walking into a Mediterranean "wonderland": oceans of chickpeas, mountains of hummus, rivers of olive oil, and warm pita for dipping... The MIT community also experiences the engineering feats behind production. RSVP is required (RSVP to hummus@mit.edu); space is limited.
Tue Jan 26, 09am-01:30pm, W11

Make Your Own Hummus
Eliad Shmuel
Put together a team with an idea of what flavor you would like to make. We provide the basic recipe, which you can adapt to your liking using traditional and funky ingredients (peanut butter, lime, Tabasco and more surprises; if desired, please include any specific ingredients with your rsvp). All entries will be held for the Taste Off the next day and will be judged by the entire MIT Community! RSVP required.
Wed Jan 27, 07-09:00pm, W11

The Annual Hummus Taste Off
Eliad Shmuel
Vote for the best home-made hummus at MIT. Help choose the best hummus at MIT's annual "made from scratch" hummus taste-off! Participate in a blind tasting of hummus made by fellow students. Be dazzled by the variations in flavor and texture. We promise free hummus and pita, give aways, and much more.
Thu Jan 28, 12-01:00pm, Bush Room (10-105)
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