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IAP 2010 Activity

Marxism Today, 20 Years Since Its "Collapse"
Felix Kreisel
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

World capitalist order, established following World War II and dominated by the US, has crashed and the United States is at the center of world instability. Collapse of the Soviet Union and other so-called "socialist" states has exacerbated the rivalries among the advanced capitalist countries while the US is trying to reverse its long-term economic decline through frenetic military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.
Web: http://wsws.org
Contact: x3-8625, fjk@mit.ed
Sponsor: Felix Kreisel, NW21-109, 617 253-8625, fjk@mit.edu

World Depression Made in America
Bill van Auken, WSWS editor
XX century was "American century" in the sense that the US was a dominant economic power, it underpinned world capitalism, stabilized and reinforced it. Today, the US acts as the most destabilizing element in the world economy and world capitalism has reached a critical turning point. Read: wsws.org
Tue Jan 5, 06-08:00pm, 8-119

Capitalist Russia Today
Vladimir Volkov, WSWS reporter, St. Petersburg, Russia
18 years after Soviet demise, what is the balance sheet of capitalist restoration in the former Soviet Union? While high oil and gas prices have propped up the Putin regime and the energy export-oriented Russian economy, its overall health is fragile. We shall look at the trends in the economy and society, the ethnic wars and a drift to dictatorship in Russia and other successor states.
Tue Jan 12, 06-08:00pm, 8-119

From Tzar to Lenin - the Russian Revolution
Felix Kreisel
We shall look at the Russian Revolution of 1917 within the context of the international situation in the early 20th century. How did the revolution come about? What was the outlook and the program of the Bolsheviks? What alternative paths existed for Russia in 1917? Suggested reading: Trotsky's "History of the Russian Revolution" and "Permanent Revolution".
Tue Jan 19, 06-08:00pm, 8-119

Stalinism vs. Socialism
Felix Kreisel
We shall review the history of the Soviet state over its 74-year lifetime, examine its internal contradictions, great strides forward, huge victories and bitter defeats, Stalinist regime's crimes against its own people, and, ultimately, brilliant hopes dashed. We will look at the reasons for the collapse of the USSR and suggest its historic lessons. Suggested reading: Leon Trotsky's "The Revolution Betrayed".
Tue Jan 26, 06-08:00pm, 8-119
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