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IAP 2010 Activity

Glimpses of Infinity - Guided Meditations
James Paul Peruvankal, Chetan Jog, Dhanashree, Aparna Singh
Mon Jan 11, 10-11:00am, Twenty Chimneys
Mon Jan 11, 11-12:00am, Twenty Chimneys
Tue Jan 19, 10-11:00am, Mezzanine, W20
Tue Jan 19, 11-12:00am, Mezzanine, W20
Mon Jan 25, 10-11:00am, Twenty Chimneys
Mon Jan 25, 11-12:00am, Twenty Chimneys
Fri Jan 29, 04-05:00pm, MIT Chapel

Enrollment limited: first come, first served
Limited to 150 participants.
Repeating event. Participants welcome at any session

Effortlessness = Meditation
Prevent stress & release accumulated stress.

Jan 11 10:00 AM Panchakosa Meditation
Jan 11 11:00 AM Transforming Emotions Meditation
Jan 19 10:00 AM Sun Meditation
Jan 19 11:00 AM Contentment Meditation
Jan 25 10:00 AM Seven Chakra Meditation
Jan 25 11:00 AM Space Meditation
Jan 29 4:00 PM Full Moon Meditation
Experience the space within!

Signup for the workshops at http://bit.ly/Glimpses
Email: artofliving-officers@mit.edu
Web: http://www.powerofmeditation.org
Contact: James P, artofliving-officers@mit.edu
Sponsor: Art of Living at MIT
Latest update: 04-Jan-2010

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