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IAP 2010 Activity

MIT Physics Lecture Series: a

Science and Technology in Africa: What Path Forward?
Professor Sekazi Mtingwa
Wed Jan 6, 01:30-02:30pm, 6-120

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up

This talk will present the state of science and technology in Africa, especially as regards their impact on African nations’ economies, environment and health. More specifically, there are many initiatives presently underway and we will describe two of them: the African Laser Centre and the newly proposed Julius K. Nyerere, University of Science, Technology and Innovation in the Mara Region of Tanzania. The speaker has been involved in both initiatives and will report on his activities and speculate on what the future holds for their success.
Contact: Nancy Boyce, 4-315, 253-4461, nboyce@mit.edu
Sponsor: Physics
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