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IAP 2010 Activity

Linked Data Challenge (Demos & Judging)
K. Krasnow Waterman
Tue Jan 19, 05:30-07:30pm, E51-396

Enrollment limited: first come, first served
Single session event

The next generation Web is all about data and how we can make better use of it for incredibly useful, game changing applications. Much more than a mash-up, Linked Data can be the mechanism to expose, share and connect pieces of data, information and knowledge anywhere on the Web. This event is the end of a weeklong Linked Data Development Lab (http://student.mit.edu/searchiap/iap-9813.html). Come see another exciting example of what folks in the MIT community can accomplish in a week! There will be live prototype demonstrations of the next big thing and, of course, judging and prizes.
Contact: Chris Mather, iapsemantic@mitecenter.org
Sponsor: MIT Entrepreneurship Center
Cosponsor: Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab
Latest update: 05-Jan-2010

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