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IAP 2011 Subjects

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Special Topics in Nuclear Science and Engineering
NSE Demonstration Design Workshop
Michael Short
Mon, Fri, Jan 3, 7, 10, 14, 21, 24, 28, 10am-12:00pm, 4-149, Monday 10-noon; Fri 1-3pm

Selection by departmental lottery. Do not pre-register on WebSIS.
Enter lottery by: 17-Dec-2010
Listeners allowed, space permitting
Prereq: acceptance of design proposal or permission of instructor
Level: U 3 units Standard A - F Grading Can be repeated for credit   

For undergraduates who wish to conduct a one-term project of theoretical or experimental nature in the field of nuclear engineering, in close cooperation with individual staff members. Topics and hours arranged to fit students' requirements.
The objective is to design and develop a hands-on demonstration tool that illuminates a topic related to nuclear science and technology in an engaging manner. It can be either a physical demo or an interactive simulation. The demonstrations will introduce MIT students and others to education and research in NSE. Students may choose from a variety of topics related to NSE, including neutronics, heat transfer, fluid flow, nuclear materials, plasma physics, multiscale modeling, radiation interactions with matter, and accelerators. Teams of 1-4 students must submit a two-page proposal by 12/17/2010, to be considered for enrollment. Include an overall description, explanation of demonstrated phenomena, and a preliminary budget. Teams whose proposals are selected will receive funding of up to $2,500 in order to construct the demonstration. Completed demonstrations may be put on permanent display by the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/nse/education/iap/2011.html
Contact: Michael Short, 24-304, 324-4001, hereiam@mit.edu

Nuclear Power Plant Dynamics and Control
John Bernard
Tue Jan 11, Thu Jan 13, Tue Jan 18, Thu Jan 20, Tue Jan 25, 01-02:30pm, NW12-202

Pre-register on WebSIS and attend first class.
Listeners allowed, space permitting
Level: G 3 units Standard A - F Grading   

Introduction to reactor dynamics including subcritical multiplication, critical operation in absence of thermal feedback effects and effects of xenon, fuel and moderator temperature, etc. Derivation of point kinetics and dynamic period equations. Techniques for reactor control including signal validation, supervisory algorithms, model-based trajectory tracking, and rule-based control. Overview of light-water reactor startup. Lectures and demonstrations with use of the MIT Research Reactor. Open to undergraduates with permission of instructor.
Co-sponsor: Nuclear Reactor Laboratory
Undergraduates welcome.
Contact: Kathleen O'Connell, NW12-208, 253-4220, katieo@mit.edu

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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