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IAP 2011 Activities by Sponsor

Chemical Engineering

"Fuel Your Mind" -- A Primer on Transportation Fuels, Current and Future
William H. Green (MIT Dept. of Chem. Eng.), George Huff & Jim Simnick (BP Global Fuels Technology)
Thu Jan 13, 09am-04:00pm, 56-114

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up, lunch provided

How is crude oil converted into gasoline and other transportation fuels? Is the gasoline available in Boston the same as what is available in Chicago? What are biofuels and what is driving the demand for these fuels of the future? Which fuel properties matter for performance?

Please join us in this short course offered by engineers from BP and Prof. Green to answer these and other questions, and to gain a better understanding of transportation fuels, and fuel processing technology. Topics to be addressed include:

1. Fuel Performance Criteria
2. Refining
3. Gasoline and Diesel
4. Biofuels, Ethanol & E85

Contact: William Green, 66-207A, x3-4580, whgreen@mit.edu

CO2 Emissions Control Options for Coal Based Power Generation
Ja'nos M. Bee'r
Thu Jan 6, 11am-01:00pm, 66-110

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is the principle means of long term, significant CO2 emissions control in both new and existing coal based electric power generating plant.
Main technology options for CCS application, in high efficiency energy conversion cycles including
-Pulverized coal combustion in ultra-supercritical steam cycle
-Coal gasification combined gas turbine-steam cycle, and
-Oxygen blown coal combustion cycle are discussed for their RD&D needs, Costs and Timeline of deployment.
Contact: Ja'nos M. Bee'r, 66-301, x3-6661, jmbeer@MIT.EDU

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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