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IAP 2011 Activity

Film Series: Exploring Islam through Movies
Nasruddin Nazerali
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

A weekly series of films portraying various aspects of Islam and Muslim history, followed by discussion. (Note: film lengths vary as shown below. Film screening, in each case, to be followed by discussion.)

Tentative schedule is below.
Contact: Nasruddin Nazerali, nazerali@mit.edu
Sponsor: Muslim Chaplaincy

Inside Mecca (National Geographic) (0:45)
Nasruddin Nazerali
One of religion's most spiritual locations, the city of Mecca has been the epicenter for Islam since the beginning of time. This insightful documentary explains the history behind the legendary pilgrimage to the holy city, showcasing a group of individuals whose lives are forever changed by the indescribably powerful experience.
Tue Jan 4, 06-07:30pm, 2-139

Muhammad : Legacy of a Prophet (PBS) (1:54)
Nasruddin Nazerali
This film examines the impact of the Muslim prophet from his own life in the seventh century to contemporary times. In his life, Muhammad was both a religious and political leader who shaped Islam. Today more than a billion people all over the world follow in his footsteps, and this documentary features interviews with several American Muslims.
Tue Jan 11, 06-08:15pm, 2-139

Al-Ghazali: Alchemist of Happiness (1:19)
Nasruddin Nazerali
Al-Ghazali was a great spiritual and legal philosopher in Islamic history. This film examines Ghazali's existential crisis of faith that arose from his rejection of religious dogmatism, and reveals profound parallels with our own times. Ghazali's path of love and spiritual excellence overcame the pitfalls of the organised religion of his day. This film argues that Ghazali's Islam is the antidote for today's terror.
Tue Jan 25, 06-07:45pm, 2-139

Prince Among Slaves (UPF) (1:00)
Nasruddin Nazerali
In 1788 a ship set sail from West Africa, its berth laden with a profitable but fragile cargo: hundreds of men, women and children headed for American shores. Eight months later the survivors were sold in Natchez, Mississippi. Among them was the heir to the throne of one of the largest kingdoms in Africa. After 40 years of enslavement, a chance encounter finally led to a breakthrough, but a bittersweet one ....
Thu Jan 27, 06-07:30pm, 2-139
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