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IAP 2012 Activities by Category

Academic Skills and Resources

Apps for Academics: Mobile Web Sites & Apps for Your Academic Life
Nicole Hennig, Remlee Green
Thu Jan 19, 11am-12:15pm, 13-2137

Enrollment limited: advance sign up required (see contact below)
Limited to 30 participants.
Single session event

In this whirlwind show & tell, we will recommend the best mobile web sites and apps (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android) for use in your academic life. We'll demo apps for productivity, library research, note-taking, e-reading, PDF-reading & annotating, sketching, and more. Some apps we'll demo include Evernote, Instapaper, Dropbox, GoodReader, Papers, Wolfram Alpha, PLoS, ACS Mobile, and WorldCat Mobile.

We'll point you to the best apps and mobile sites, and also ask class members to also share their favorite apps. If you're thinking about getting an iPhone, iPad, Touch, or Android device, this may help you decide how you might use it.

The class is 75 minutes and will include break-out sessions where each small group will discuss the apps they find useful and report back to the larger group. We will have several iPads available for use during the breakout sessions. If you have a mobile device that you use for academic work, we invite you to bring it and share your knowledge with the group.

Register for class: http://info-libraries.mit.edu/events/
Contact: Nicole Hennig, 10-500, hennig@mit.edu
Sponsor: Libraries

BIOBASE Knowledge Library and Explain Analysis System Training
Courtney Crummett
Thu Jan 26, 11am-01:30pm, 14N-132 DIRC

Enrollment limited: first come, first served
Limited to 20 participants.
Single session event

Interested in finding out what's known in the scientific literature about a particular gene, disease or drug? Want to apply that information to high-throughput data analysis? Learn to search the BIOBASE Knowledge Library (BKL) by topic or multi-gene data sets. Interested in human inherited diseases and their associated mutations? Learn to use the Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD), a comprehensive database on human germ-line mutations associated with disease, to determine whether an identified gene lesion is novel, search for known mutations within a given gene, or search for a type of gene mutation within a chromosomal location. In addition, see a demonstration of how Genome Trax, a new offering from BIOBASE not yet subscribed to by MIT Libraries, makes it easy to map human variations identified through NGS applications to biologically relevant sequence features such as HGMD mutations, known transcription factor binding sites and more. Registration is required and lunch will be provided! Register here: http://libraries.mit.edu/sites/events/biobase-training-8/131/
Web: http://libraries.mit.edu/get/biobase
Contact: Courtney Crummett, 14S-134, (617) 324-8290, crummett@mit.edu
Sponsor: Libraries
Cosponsor: Biology

Big Docs in Word: Tips and Tricks to Format your Thesis
Lourdes Aleman
Tue Jan 24, 11am-12:30pm, 14N-132 DIRC

Enrollment limited: first come, first served
Limited to 30 participants.
Single session event

Are you writing and formatting your thesis this year? Donít let WORD get you down. This 1.5 hour interactive tutorial led by an MIT PhD graduate will illustrate some simple shortcuts you can take in Word 2008 for Macs to make thesis formatting a breeze (automatically generating/updating table of contents, applying consistent formatting throughout the document, etc.), saving you many precious hours. The hands-on workshop will be conducted on Word for Macs ONLY. Please bring your own laptop. If you have a PC and would still like to come to the workshop, printed instructions for Word 2007 for PCs will be available but please note that the workshop will be conducted using a Mac. Note: this workshop will not cover formatting a bibliography or reference managing programs.Please register for this IAP session at http://libraries.mit.edu/sites/events/?p=378
Contact: Lourdes Aleman, NE48-308, 715-5348, laleman@mit.edu
Sponsor: Libraries
Cosponsor: Biology

Class of 2015....Preparing for Sophomore Year
Dan Chapman
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Signup by: 31-Jan-2012
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

Sophomore year is approaching faster than you think. Come join us for discussions on what you can expect and how you can make a smooth transition into your second year at MIT.
Contact: Dan Chapman, 7-103, x3-9764, dwc@mit.edu
Sponsor: Office of Undergrad. Advising/Academic Programming

Tips for a successful Sophomore Year Experience
Dan Chapman
This interactive session will include a student and staff panel that will tell you the real deal about what you need to know (grades, academic changes, issues, and things to look out for) in your sophomore year.
Wed Jan 25, 12:30-01:30pm, 4-159

Get To Know Your Faculty
Dan Chapman
Do you have trouble talking with faculty? How do you start a conversation? Are you comfortable asking a faculty member to write a letter of recommendation? How do you establish a working relationship with your UROP supervisor?

Hear from MIT faculty on how to best approach their fellow faculty members.
Wed Feb 1, 12:30-01:30pm, 4-145

Directed Reading Program in Mathematics
Mark Behrens, Paul Seidel
Schedule: TBD
Enrollment limited: first come, first served

For undergraduates wanting to learn mathematical topics through guided self-study.

The program is aimed at undergraduate mathematics majors, but would also be suitable for undergraduates with mathematical interests who would like to further explore the field. Applicants must have completed, or be in the process of taking, two .100 level classes (or higher) in course 18. We particularly encourage applications from women, and members of underrepresented minority groups.

Application deadline for Jan 2012 IAP is: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd, 2011

For more information and application instructions, the website:
Web: http://math.mit.edu/~drp
Contact: Mark Behrens, 2-273, x3-4380, mbehrens@math.mit.edu
Sponsor: Mathematics

Eloranta Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Information Session
Sara Nelson
Fri Jan 13, 04-05:00pm, 1-273

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Single session event

The Eloranta Fellowship offers $6,000 stipends for MIT undergraduates (including graduating seniors) to spend the summer of 2012 on their own independent investigation/research project or branch out in a new direction inspired by some previous work.

Recipients of the 2011 Eloranta Fellowships may be present to discuss their project.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/eloranta/
Contact: Sara Nelson, 7-104, x3-0751, snelson@mit.edu
Sponsor: Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
Cosponsor: Office of Undergrad. Advising/Academic Programming

Get the most from your "omics" analysis: GeneGo MetaCore Software Training††
Courtney Crummett, GeneGo Trainer
Thu Feb 2, 02-04:00pm, 14N-132 DIRC

Enrollment limited: first come, first served
Limited to 20 participants.
Single session event

Attend this IAP session and learn how to use GeneGo's MetaCore,a bioinformatics software tool licensed by the MIT Libraries with support from the Whitehead Institute, the Koch Insitute, and MIT's Department of Biology. MetaCore provides a solution for using "omics" gene lists to generate and prioritize hypotheses. Learn how to work with different types of data (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and interaction data) beginning with how to upload gene lists and expression data. Use GeneGo software to upload, batch upload, store, share and check data properties and signal distribution; extract functional relevance by determining the most enriched processes across several ontologies; emphasize the role of expression data in your analysis; visually predict experimental results, associate disease and possible drug targets; and compare data sets and work with experiment intersections. Register here: http://libraries.mit.edu/sites/events/?p=338
Web: http://libraries.mit.edu/get/metacore
Contact: Courtney Crummett, 14S-M48, x4-8290, crummett@mit.edu
Sponsor: Libraries
Cosponsor: Biology

Learn to use IPA during IAP
Courtney Crummett, IPA Trainer
Wed Jan 18, 01-04:00pm, 14N-132 DIRC

Enrollment limited: advance sign up required (see contact below)
Limited to 20 participants.
Single session event

Attend this introductory and hands-on training session and learn how to use Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (IPA), newly licensed by MIT Libraries and friends. IPA is an all-in-one software application that helps researchers model, analyze, and understand complex biological and chemical systems relevant to their experimental data. Researchers can search the scientific literature and find insights most relevant to their experimental data; analyze and build pathways for targets, biomarkers, diseases and biological functions from various data types; compare and contrast across list, pathways, biomarkers and analyses; and share and collaborate with colleagues. Please register at http://libraries.mit.edu/sites/events/?p=344
Web: http://libraries.mit.edu/get/ipa
Contact: Courtney Crummett, 14S-M48, x4-8290, crummett@mit.edu
Sponsor: Libraries
Cosponsor: Biology

Mentorship Workshop
Janet Rankin, Ph.D., Neelkanth Manoj Bardhan
Wed Feb 1, Thu Feb 2, Fri Feb 3, 12-01:30pm, 2-132

Enrollment limited: first come, first served
Limited to 40 participants.
Participants requested to attend all sessions (non-series)
Prereq: First came basis

DATES CHANGED : 1st Feb-3rd Feb from 12-1:30pm

In most science and engineering fields, success in research (in both academia and industry) requires not only advanced domain-specific knowledge and sophisticated experimental and analytical skills, but mentoring and managerial skills as well.

In order to support graduate students and post-docs from across the Institute in their roles as undergraduate mentors, the Teaching and Learning Lab (TLL) and the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP) offer the Facilitating Effective Research (FER) Program.

The FER program is designed to facilitate the communication and skills between mentors and mentees. This 5-session workshop will make the students be aware of some of the most common mistakes when mentoring and teaching to a new trainee.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/fnl/volume/213/rankin.html
Contact: Rodolfo E Camacho-Aguilera, 13-4138, (404) 274-5047, rcamacho@mit.edu
Sponsor: Graduate Student Council
Cosponsor: Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

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