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Who May Participate in IAP

Activity Costs

Finding Activities in the On-line Guide


During IAP, more than 600 non-credit activities in over 35 categories are offered by and for members of the MIT Community. This page contains information on who may participate in IAP, activity costs, and instructions on reviewing activity descriptions using the online IAP Guide.

Who May Participate in IAP?

  • IAP non-credit activities are only open to members of the MIT community: faculty, students, staff, and MIT alumni/ae.

  • Activities should be organized for the entire MIT community, but should not include non-MIT groups or the public at large.

  • The number of participants for an activity may be limited, but the ability to participate may not be limited to members of a particular group.

  • Profit-making or promotional events for a private enterprise are not appropriate IAP activities.

Activity Costs

Unless the description states otherwise, activities are free. In some cases, organizers ask participants to pay a share of the costs, mainly for materials, transportation, or food. The fees are approved by IAP staff in the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP). All honoraria and wages must be paid through the MIT accounting system, not paid directly by participants.

Finding Activities in the Online Guide

Activities (non-credit) are organized in three ways:

You may search on IAP subjects and activities, as well as IAP general information, by referring to the Search the IAP 2011 Guide page.

NOTE: IAP 2012 listings will become available in early November 2011, please check back.



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