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IAP 2012 Activity

Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen Indonesian Martial Arts Workshop
Jennifer Jordan
Fri Jan 13, 05:30-08:00pm, Zesiger Var. Tea Rm

Enrollment limited: advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 10-Jan-2012
Limited to 40 participants.
Single session event
Prereq: Wear loose comfortable clothing-no shorts, long sleeves pref

Introduction to the Indonesian martial art of Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen. This complete art encompasses self-defense, ground fighting, high flying ariel movement, flowing whipping strikes, fighting, breathing, meditation and healing exercises. Students will experience movement from the four animals -tiger, monkey, snake and crane- and begin learning Cun Tao or self-defense, including basic flips and sweeps. Fun for everyone! Poekoelan offers enormous benefits in physical fitness, self-defense, confidence, flexibility, mental focus, and self-expression - come and join us on the 13th!

The workshop will be taught by Jennifer Jordan, a Sloan Executive MBA student and fifth degree blackbelt in Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen. Jennifer has been training and teaching Poekoelan and self-defense to men, women and children for over 23 years, and has taught at schools, colleges and corporations in the US and Europe.

Founded by Mas Goeroe Agoeng Willy Wetzel who brought Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen to America in 1956 from central Java, the system is now headed by Mas Goeroe Agoeng Barbara Niggel of Cape Cod, MA.
Web: http://www.onewithheart.com, www.poekoelan.com
Contact: Jennifer Jordan, (503) 810-3939, jajordan@mit.edu
Sponsor: Jennifer A Jordan, jajordan@mit.edu
Latest update: 06-Dec-2011

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