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IAP 2012 Activity

Tour of the Space Nanotechnology Lab
Ralf Heilmann
Mon Jan 23, 03:15-04:00pm, Marlar: 37-252

Signup by: 20-Jan-2012
Limited to 6 participants.
Single session event
Prereq: Attendance of same day MKI sessions

During the tour of the SNL's three clean rooms visitors will see sophisticated optical (interference lithography stations for the fabrication of submicron period gratings, high power UV laser, metrology station for optics shape measurements, sub-nanometer resolution interferometers, etc.) and mechanical systems (XY-air-bearing stage, sub-micron accuracy alignment system, environmental enclosure, active vibration isolation, etc.) that support the development of thin-foil x-ray optics and gratings.
Web: http://space.mit.edu/home/nss/iap2012/iap_activities_2012.html
Contact: Norbert S. Schulz, NE80-6075, (617) 258-5767, nss@space.mit.edu
Sponsor: Kavli Institute for Astrophysics & Space Research
Latest update: 09-Dec-2011

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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