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IAP 2012 Activity

Turn Your Invention Into a Startup
Christopher Noble
Thu Jan 26, 12-01:30pm, 3-133

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up

You've invented something really cool. Now can you create a company around it? In fiscal year 2011, MIT helped to spin-off 26 startups! There are many resources available to MIT inventors, but you may need a roadmap to help you to find them. This is your roadmap. Come and hear Christopher Noble, Technology Licensing Officer of the MIT Technology Licensing Office give an overview of the myriad of resources available to the MIT community for launching startups. Learn how to take advantage of the MIT Entrepreneurial Ecosystem!

Please register at: http://tlo.mit.edu/iapevents
Web: http://tlo.mit.edu/iapevents
Contact: Kikuyu Daniels, NE18-501, x3-6966, kdaniels@mit.edu
Sponsor: Technology Licensing Office
Latest update: 04-Jan-2012

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