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Debathena Training

Jonathan Reed

Jan/23 Wed 07:00PM-09:30PM 4-237

Enrollment: Unlimited: No advance sign-up
Prereq: athena/linux poweruser and have some programming experience

Interested in learning more about Debathena, or possibly becoming a Debathena developer? Attend this workshop to learn how to build Debian packages, work with the Debathena source repository, and get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Athena environment actually works. Attendees should have some familiarity with Linux and be comfortable with the command line. Knowledge of shell scripting is a plus, but not a requirement. No previous software development experience required. Please bring a laptop with an installation of Debathena, Ubuntu, or Debian. (Virtual machines are fine).

An athena hackathon will be held at SIPB the following Saturday.

Sponsor(s): Information Services and Technology, Student Information Processing Board, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Contact: Jonathan Reed,

Introduction to Drupal Cloud

Michael Rossetti, IS&T Web Development

Jan/25 Fri 01:00PM-02:00PM E17-121 Learning Ctr

Enrollment: Unlimited: No advance sign-up
Prereq: None

Interested in creating and maintaining your own website ( at MIT?  Would you like to learn a little about content management systems such as Drupal?  Fancy yourself an early adopter? 

Come learn about MIT’s future service known as Drupal Cloud.  In this session we will give a

At the end of the session we will be accepting signups for the next beta phase of Drupal Cloud.

Sponsor(s): Information Services and Technology
Contact: Michael Rossetti, (617) 254-4589,

Laptop Computer Tagging and Registration

Sergeant Cheryl Vossmer, Campus Police

Jan/30 Wed 11:00AM-01:30PM E17-121, 40 Ames St

Enrollment: Unlimited: No advance sign-up
Fee: $10.00 for registration for each device

MIT Campus Police provides a service to tag and register laptop computers and electronic devices. This loss prevention measure is a visible deterrent to theft.

See more details at:

Sponsor(s): Information Services and Technology, Campus Police
Contact: Cheryl Vossmer, W89-225, (617) 253-9755, - Getting the Most Out of It

Mark Wiklund

Jan/29 Tue 12:00PM-01:00PM E17-121 Learning Ctr

Enrollment: Unlimited: No advance sign-up
Prereq: None

Are you interested in learning how to better manage training in, for yourself or for your area? provides MIT students, faculty, and staff with over 1,200 online technology training courses on topics such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite, web publishing, Drupal, design, and video. This non-credit event, led by Mark Wiklund, IS&T Training Manager and Jennifer Jortner, Customer Concierge of, will present information on:

Sponsor(s): Information Services and Technology, MIT Human Resources
Contact: Mark Wiklund, W92-228H, 617 253-0686, MWIKLUND@MIT.EDU