MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2013 Activities by Sponsor - Elizabeth S. De Bordenave

ESL Program for MIT Service Employees' Workshops

Nancy P Kelly, ESL Program Coordinator

Enrollment: Unlimited: No advance sign-up
Attendance: Participants welcome at individual sessions
Prereq: None

The MIT ESL Program for Service Employees is giving a series of workshops during the IAP period January 29-31. This is open to all. If you are interested in volunteering, are already a volunteer and want to improve your skills, or are just curious about the ESL Program for Service employees - please come!

Topic: "Stress and Intonation Patterns in English" - Jane Dunphy

Tuesday, Jan 29, 12-2pm, 66-154 - CANCELLED

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up

Single session event


Topic: “Helpful Hints for ESL Tutoring (and why we are having loads of fun!)- Monia Doandes and Elaine Aufiero

Thursday, Jan 31, 12-2pm, 66-154

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up

Single session event



Contact: Nancy P. Kelly, 10-342, 781-296-7600,

Teaching Intonation and Phrasing

Jan/29 Tue 12:00PM-02:00PM (CANCELED)

Research shows that control of stress, intonation and phrasing (called suprasegmentals) in English is more important for comprehensibility than complete accuracy of the sound system. Main stress, intonation and phrasing patterns of American English will be reviewed and materials designed for teaching will be explored.


Tips on Teaching

Jan/31 Thu 12:00PM-02:00PM 66-154

Find out why tutoring MIT Service Employees in ESL can enrich your life. Learn how a small investment of your time can go a long way in helping colleagues learn English. You will hear our helpful tips for tutoring, our inspirational stories, as well as why tutors end up learning as much as their students.