MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2013

Introduction to Contract Bridge

Jim Rasmussen, Alya Asarina

Enrollment: Unlimited: No advance sign-up
Attendance: Participants requested to attend all sessions (non-series)

Come and discover the fun and intellectual challenge associated with contract bridge!
In this course, we explore the fundamentals of the game, including bidding, declarer
play, and defense. The lessons are based on The Club Series by Audrey Grant,
published by the American Contract Bridge League.

Each session will consist of a lecture, several examples, and supervised play. By the
end of this seven-session course, the student will have learned enough to play bridge
socially, and start exploring the exciting world of duplicate bridge.

There will also be an individual tournament at the end of the course, with prizes for
the winners.

Please bring $10 for a book deposit on the first day of class. We will return your $10
at the end of IAP and you get to keep the book.

Open to any students in the area or MIT affiliates

Sponsor(s): Mathematics
Contact: Alya Asarina,

Jan/07 Mon 07:00PM-09:30PM 4-149
Jan/10 Thu 07:00PM-09:30PM 4-149
Jan/14 Mon 07:00PM-09:30PM 4-149
Jan/17 Thu 07:00PM-09:30PM 4-149
Jan/24 Thu 07:00PM-09:30PM 4-149
Jan/28 Mon 07:00PM-09:30PM 4-149
Jan/31 Thu 07:00PM-09:30PM 4-149
Feb/04 Mon 07:00PM-09:30PM 4-149

Jim Rasmussen, Alya Asarina