MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2013

Visualization in Science and Engineering Education

Violeta Ivanova, Program Leader and Instructor, ARTEMiS, Betsy Skrip, Lead Illustrator and Animator

Jan/30 Wed 02:00PM-05:00PM 2-147, Refreshments will be served

Enrollment: Limited: Advance sign-up required
Limited to 35 participants

The workshop will present principles and techniques for visual communication and will introduce tools and methods for creating visualizations of high aesthetic quality that accurately represent scientific and engineering concepts for education and research. Effective visualizations, including illustrations, 2D and 3D computer animations, movies, and games, will be analyzed and discussed in terms of visual structure, production workflow, software authoring tools, and media distribution formats. Examples will include visualizations in mathematics, physics, astronautics, biology, earth science, political science, and other fields, with an emphasis on visual media relevant to teaching and learning the MIT core curriculum both in a traditional classroom setting and via online educational platforms such as EdX. Topics will include:

·  Visual structure: composition, color, shape, rhythm, space, movement
·  Still images: illustrations, graphic design for print and web, data plots
·  Moving images: 2D and 3D computer animation, movies, games
·  Creative workflow: story development, production, curriculum integration
·  Technical issues: software, hardware, equipment, media file formats
·  Resources: finding good visualizations, working with artists, visual art training
·  Discussion: the role of visualization for education in the classroom and online

Please contact the ARTEMiS ( visualization team ( to reserve a spot, space is limited.

Sponsor(s): Office of Educational Innovation and Technology
Contact: Violeta Ivanova, NE48-308,