MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2013

Planning, Funding, and Implementing Transportation Projects in the Real World (or How It Really Works)

Kate Fichter, Eric Plosky

Jan/30 Wed 01:00PM-04:00PM 9-450A+B

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Limited to 30 participants

As a vital and complex element of any urban or regional environment, transportation infrastructure both affects and is affected by land use patterns, economic development policies, political power-brokering and environmental resources, and so offers a lens through which to study many of the choices and constraints available to today's planners. This seminar will offer a practice-oriented overview of the issues, players and trends most relevant to contemporary transportation planning, as taught by two MIT/DUSP alumni currently working in the field.

Sponsor(s): Urban Studies and Planning
Contact: Ezra Glenn, 7-337, x3-2024,