MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2014 Schedule for January 15

Activity Title Location Special Meeting Info

07:00 AM

Bootcamp Fitness MAC W35
Open Water/Triathlon Swim Training Zesiger 50M Pool

09:00 AM

Adventures in Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM lab room 4-141 1 hour lunch break
LabVIEW - 3 Day Boot Camp 35-122 Bring your laptop.

09:30 AM

Sharing Space in a Regulated Place 9-451

10:00 AM

An introduction to proof techniques and proof-writing 4-153
Bell Helicopter Textron Short Course: An Introduction to Rotorcraft Room 37-212
Build a Small Phased Array Radar System 4-163 SEE BELOW
Build a Small Radar System 4-163 SEE BELOW
From Innovation To Commercially Viable Products 4-159
Hands-on Computational Imaging & Spectroscopy 300 Tech. Sq. 2nd FL See Important Message Below
Identity Management using OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect TBD
Identity Management using OAuth2.0 and OpenID-Connect 32-144
Individual Consultations at the Writing and Communication Center 12-132
Introduction to Welding 8 - 014
Managing Confidential Data 66-148
Nuns and Writers in the Colonial Americas 66-156 With a short break in the middle

10:30 AM

Stand and Deliver: The Effect of Boston's Charter High Schools on College Preparation, Entry, and Choice E17-136

11:00 AM

Concurrent Learning-Based Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Autonomous Agents 4-149
iGEM: Synthetic Biology IAP 2014 NE47
Plasma Science and Fusion Center IAP Series NW17-218
To Infinity and Beyond: Borrowing from a Galaxy of Libraries DIRC (14N-132)

12:00 PM

2014 EAPS Lecture Series: Monsoons: Past Changes, Present Impacts, Future Projections 54-915
(CANCELED) ASME National Student Design Competition Beaver Works Lab
Can We Innovate Our Way Out of the Healthcare Crisis? TMEC 212 (HMS)
Contemporary Military Topics (series) E40-496 Pye Conf Rm
Freshstart - Your first step to Quit Smoking W35- media room
IAP 2014- The Feynman Films 6-120
Personal Finance: 101 1-190
Protect your Invention & Turn it Into a Startup! 3-133
Take Charge of Your Stuff: Personal Content Management Tools 14N-132

01:00 PM

A Look Inside the Human Brain 46-3015
Hands-On Holography 300 Tech. Sq. 2nd Fl Bring laptop w/Matlab installed.
Introduction to GIS 14N-132
Introduction to Welding 8 - 014
Multimedia Origami or The Origami of Light 10-150
Pleasures of Poetry 2014 14E-304

01:30 PM

10 Things Every Parent Should Know: Protecting and Planning for your Children 32-124
IAP Physics Lecture Series 6-120

02:00 PM

Crash Course in Hardware Startups 8-205
Fabrication from Fabric: Design and Creation of Clothing, Accessories, and Other Textile Based Items E14-240
HTML5 Game Workshop 4-257
Mechanics ReView 4-153
Media and Ethics 4-144
Plasma Science and Fusion Center IAP Series NW17-218
(CANCELED) Quidditch! Z center MAC courts
Unlocking the Secrets of Company Databases 3-133 Bring your laptop

02:30 PM

American Sign Language Introductory Course 66-154

03:00 PM

Introduction to Blacksmithing Room 4 - 003
Introduction to Welding 8 - 014
Life on Mars 56-162

03:30 PM

Chemistry and Biology of Antibiotics 68-180

04:00 PM

Biotech Business Information for Engineers and Scientists 14N-132 DIRC

04:30 PM

LineStorm Animation Digital FlipBook 56-167
Training for OpenStackTM 26-168
Wednesday Super Bowls SAA Ceramics W20-431

05:00 PM

I love the 80s & 90s - Cult Classics: When Women Ruled the Big Screen Cheney Room (3-310)
Programming in Python 32-141
South Italy folk dance lab 4-153

05:30 PM

Pre-Natal Swim Course - Wednesday Evenings Zesiger TeachingPool
Wednesday Intro to Black and White Photography SAA class W20-426

06:00 PM

Build Your Own Electric Guitar W31-031
Hacking Management - Why joy holds the secret to team performance 50 Morss Hall
Hacking Management-In Pursuit of the Business Value of Joy 50-Morss Hall 142 Memorial Dr, Cambridge, MA
Pre-Masters Swim Workout Alumni Lap Pool
Small Business Toolkit: Financial Strategies & Online Marketing Strategies 32-144

06:15 PM

Adult Intro to Swimming Basics Zesiger TeachingPool

06:30 PM

Bellringing in Towers Lobby 7
Hebrew for Beginners 8-205

07:00 PM

ATS Movie Night Next House TFL
Better Living Through Clojure 4-231
Come play with trains! N52-118 Pizza will be served!
Introduction to Version Control using Git & GitHub 4-237
SEEK: Explore faith in Jesus and connection with God W20-027 Seek #4: How to Get the Best Stuff From the Bible?
Wednesday Super Bowls SAA Ceramics Location TBD

07:30 PM

Women's Rugby Practice Johnson Indoor Track

08:00 PM

Learning Squash: the Fundamentals W35
Wednesday Intro to Oil Painting SAA Class Location TBD