MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2014 Schedule for January 30

Activity Title Location Special Meeting Info

08:30 AM

3 Tier Conflict Management Training by Conflict Resolution@MIT W20-PDRs 1 & 2

09:00 AM

"Fuel Your Mind" -- A Primer on Transportation Fuels, Current and Future 66-168
Electric Power System Modeling for a Low Carbon Economy E51-057
Fundamentals of Science and Technology Public Policy Making: MIT Sci/Tech Policy Bootcamp 56-114
Project Cyborg: Software for Programmable Matter N52-3rd Floor Bring laptop
R Regression Models 1-115
Shell's Program for Excellence in Safety and Health 46-3002

09:30 AM

ACT (Art, Culture & Technology) TA Training E15-207 Closed-toe shoes & clothes for fabrication work
Conversational Spanish for Beginners (Section B) 66-156
Python Programming in ArcGIS: an introduction to scripting for geographic analysis systems 7-238 - GIS Lab
The Ins and Outs of Development Review 9-450A

10:00 AM

Hydrology Tools with GIS 14N-132
In-Class Debates: Another Option for an Oral Communication Assignment 12-134
Individual Consultations at the Writing and Communication Center 12-132
Introduction to Welding 8 - 014
MathWorks: Machine Learning with MATLAB 4-231
Participatory and Interactive Documentary Workshop, Taught by Emmy Award Winning Pioneer Kat Cizek E15-335

10:30 AM

Cold Fusion 101: Introduction to Excess Power in Fleischmann-Pons Experiments 4-145

11:00 AM

Conversational Spanish for Beginners 66-148
The Mars Homestead Project Room 33-422

11:30 AM

An Introduction to Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry (ICP-AES) 13-2137

12:00 PM

2014 EAPS Lecture Series: Monsoons: Past Changes, Present Impacts, Future Projections 54-915 note that this is a Thurs. talk
Departmental Exploration (DEX) Bush Room 10-105
ESL Program for MIT Service Employees' Workshops 2014 4-149
Fair Use & Images: Quiz Tool Beta Test 14N-132
Working After Graduation: Immigration Concerns 10-250

12:30 PM

The Royal Society for Arts 66-156

01:00 PM

Economics and Policy of Global Change 66-144
Facing the Music: Recreating Performances from the Past 4-160 Bring your own laptop
Fundamentals of Reservoir Simulation Room 33-419 Time subject to change.
Gaming Methods in Research 4-265
Google Tools for Mapping 14N-132
Instrumenting a Foucault Pendulum 300 Tech. Sq. 2nd FL Open Lab
Introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy 13-2137
Introduction to R Graphics 1-115
Introduction to Welding 8 - 014
Laser Radar: Basic Principles and Hands-on Operation 36-144
Life After MIT: Taking the Next Step In Academic Science Whitehead Auditorium
MathWorks: Accelerating MATLAB Algorithms and Applications 4-231
Pleasures of Poetry 2014 14E-304
Strategies for Good Housekeeping in Your Lab or Work Space N52-496A
Visualization in Education: Creating Animations 26-139

01:30 PM

Departmental Exploration (DEX) Lobby 13
Departmental Exploration (DEX) Bush Room 10-105
Making a TV Show Without the TV Online Session Have High bandwidth, mic/headphones & apps ready

02:00 PM

Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Tour 555 Tech Square Meet in Lobby of 555 Tech Square
Compensation and your start-up: How do founders get paid? E51-149
Introduction to JavaScript 32-144
Laser Radar: Basic Principles and Hands-on Operation 36-144
Mechanics ReView 4-153
Participatory and Interactive Documentary Workshop, Taught by Emmy Award Winning Pioneer Kat Cizek E15-335
Questions for Christians 4-257 Note room change

02:30 PM

Gaming Methods in Research 4-265 Scheduled in advance.

03:00 PM

Departmental Exploration (DEX) Bush Room 10-105
How to Work a Career Fair 4-237
Introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy/Focused Ion Beam Dual Beam Workstation 13-2137
Rapid Prototyping: ISN Soldier Design Contest 66-160

03:30 PM

Chemistry and Biology of Antibiotics 68-121
Heroes and Bystanders Location TBD

03:45 PM

Jerusalem: Movie and Dinner Museum of Science Meet at the museum, travel together to dinner

05:00 PM

Bang Your Head! - Heavy Metal 101 @ MIT 14N-217
Reverse engineering private backend APIs in mobile applications (Dropbox) 4-237

05:15 PM

Adult Beginner Swim Zesiger TeachingPool

06:00 PM

Chinese Democracy by and for Third Graders E51-095
Departmental Exploration (DEX) 66-110
Learn To Play Bridge! 4-265
Lecture: Bending wood without the steam. Compressed Hardwood bending W31-031
Startups 3.0: Seeing the System 3-333
Surveillance in Cultural Context: seven films 56-114

06:15 PM

Adult Efficient Freestyle- Tue/Thu Evening Alumni Lap Pool
Adult Intermediate Swim- Tues-Thurs Evening Zesiger TeachingPool

06:30 PM

Harry Potter, World War II & and War on Terror Location TBD
Institute Career Assistance Network (ICAN) Information Session for Graduate Students Thirsty Ear Pub NW35
Sufi Perspectives in Meditation 56-167

07:00 PM

AMITA Women and Mentoring R&D Common Bldg. 32
Building iOS Applications with RubyMotion 4-231
In Vino Veritas 2014 6-104 Chipman Room
Intermediate Squash Building W35
LGBTQ+ Dinner/Movie Night 50-005 Rainbow Lnge
Love and Romance in Ancient India 1-135
MIT Outing Club Winter School 35-225

07:15 PM

Adult Stroke Technique- Tue/Thu Evening Zesiger TeachingPool

07:45 PM

Capoeira Angola bldg.57- studio

08:05 PM

Trash Can Drumming W20-027

09:30 PM

Women's Ultimate Frisbee Practice Johnson Indoor Track