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IAP 2014 Activities by Sponsor - Office of the Arts

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Getting a grant from the Council for the Arts at MIT

Susan Cohen, Director, Council for the Arts at MIT

Jan/22 Wed 01:00PM-02:00PM E14-240

Enrollment: Limited: First come, first served (no advance sign-up)
Limited to 20 participants

Informal discussion of the CAMIT Grants Program, including the application process and the types of projects eligible for funding.

Sponsor(s): Office of the Arts
Contact: Susan Cohen, E15-205, 617 253-4005, COHEN@MEDIA.MIT.EDU

Participatory and Interactive Documentary Workshop, Taught by Emmy Award Winning Pioneer Kat Cizek

Katerina Cizek, Visiting Artist

Enrollment: Please submit the following form:
Limited to 21 participants
Attendance: Participants must attend all sessions

Explore how technology enables new forms of storytelling and public engagement.
This 4 day workshop, intended for anyone with an interest in collaborative storytelling and innovative research methods, will cover participatory methods, social and digital tools, and best practices in cross-disciplinary approaches of digital documentary.

The workshop covers the basics of building media projects with partners that aim to change worldviews, lives, policies, conditions, and tell good stories too. In this highly interactive workshop, you’ll learn about proven methods, projects and experiences, and we’ll brainstorm your own ideas and projects to develop concrete strategic plans.

You’ll focus on:
Developing deep partnerships/collaborations
Reviewing the scope of what's possible in digital storytelling
Turning ideas into awesome projects
Identifying political and social goals
Understanding audiences and communities
Telling hyper-local documentary stories with universal appeal
Web-docs 101 - where to start
Creative financing and outreach

The mornings will feature lectures, screening and presentations: Visiting Artist Kat Cizek will share research findings and tool-kits around ethics and methodologies from over 8 years of practice, including the most recent project, a collaboration with the New York Times, “A Short History of the Highrise.” The afternoons feature structured break outs into small groups to discuss/develop your own ideas for collaborative projects.

Sponsor(s): Comparative Media Studies/Writing, Office of the Arts
Contact: Meg Rotzel,

Morning Session

Jan/27 Mon 10:00AM-12:00PM E15-335
Jan/28 Tue 10:00AM-12:00PM E15-335
Jan/29 Wed 10:00AM-12:00PM E15-335
Jan/30 Thu 10:00AM-12:00PM E15-335

Katerina Cizek - Visiting Artist

Afternoon Breakout Session

Jan/27 Mon 02:00PM-05:00PM E15-335
Jan/28 Tue 02:00PM-05:00PM E15-335
Jan/29 Wed 02:00PM-05:00PM E15-335
Jan/30 Thu 02:00PM-05:00PM E15-335

Katerina Cizek - Visiting Artist