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IAP 2014 Activities by Sponsor - Edgerton Center

Crash Course in Hardware Startups

Jeremy Conrad, MIT Alum

Jan/06 Mon 02:00PM-03:30PM 8-205
Jan/08 Wed 02:00PM-03:30PM 8-205
Jan/10 Fri 02:00PM-03:30PM 8-205
Jan/13 Mon 02:00PM-03:30PM 8-205
Jan/15 Wed 02:00PM-03:30PM 8-205
Jan/17 Fri 02:00PM-03:30PM 8-205
Jan/22 Wed 02:00PM-03:30PM 8-205
Jan/24 Fri 02:00PM-03:30PM 8-205
Jan/27 Mon 02:00PM-03:30PM 8-205
Jan/29 Wed 02:00PM-03:30PM 8-205
Jan/31 Fri 02:00PM-03:30PM 8-205

Enrollment: Limited: Advance sign-up required
Sign-up by 12/14
Limited to 30 participants
Attendance: Participants must attend all sessions

This class is for anyone who wants to start their own hardware company.  It will cover all the areas you need to understand to begin. This includes prototyping, manufacturing, branding, marketing, fundraising and much more!

Please apply in groups of 3-4 people. It is a project based class and each group will pick a company to start.  By the end you have a roadmap of how to start a hardware company.

The course will address different types of companies from consumer electronics and connected devices to satellites and robots.  If there are moving atoms or electrons then it's hardware.

Jeremy Conrad is a founding partner at Lemnos Labs, a hardware startup incubator based in San Francisco. Lemnos invests in early stage companies ranging from Aerospace and Robotics to Consumer Electronics. Prior to founding Lemnos Jeremy spent five years as an officer in the US Air Force working on weapons grade lasers for missile defense. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from MIT.

Sponsor(s): Edgerton Center, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Contact: Amy Fitzgerald, 4-405, 617 253-7931, AMYFITZ@MIT.EDU