MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2014

Tuesday Intro to Oil Painting SAA Class

Nicole Tariverdian

Enrollment: TBD
Prereq: none
Fee: $100.00 for professional instruction

This is a introduction to oil painting. Students will learn a variety of oil painting techniques as well as about composition and form. In addition to learning how to use the medium, different methods for transferred images onto a canvas will be covered.



Contact: Sam Magee, E15-205, 617 253-4004, SAMMAGEE@MIT.EDU

Jan/07 Tue 08:00PM-10:30PM W20-426
Jan/14 Tue 08:00PM-10:30PM W20-426
Jan/21 Tue 08:00PM-10:30PM W20-426
Jan/28 Tue 08:00PM-10:30PM W20-426

Nicole Tariverdian