MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2014

Resources for Free and Open GIS Data

Jennie Murack

Jan/28 Tue 01:00PM-03:00PM 14N-132

Enrollment: Limited: Advance sign-up required
Prereq: Experience with GIS software is helpful, but not required.

Geospatial data is often extremely costly and difficult to access, but there are an increasing number of free and open GIS datasets that can be just as suitable and useful as their expensive, proprietary counterparts. We will explore specific sources and strategies for discovering this data. Examples of sources covered include OpenStreetMap, Natural Earth Data, the Database of Global Administrative Areas, and others. Some experience with GIS may be helpful.

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Sponsor(s): Geographic Information Systems Lab, Libraries
Contact: Jennie Murack, 7-238, 617 258-6680, MURACK@MIT.EDU