MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2014

Lecture: Bending wood without the steam. Compressed Hardwood bending

Kristen LeVier, Artist in Residence

Jan/30 Thu 06:00PM-08:00PM W31-031

Enrollment: Unlimited: Advance sign-up required
Prereq: non
Fee: $5.00 for Wood

Compressed Cold-bend hardwood ( allows woodworkers to bend wood without using steam or glued-up laminations. This pre-compressed wood can be used to impressive effect in wood sculpture, furniture making, architecture, etc. Students will be introduced to the work of artists, furniture makers, instrument makers and architects working with compressed wood and will have the opportunity to experiment with manipulating the wood themselves.

Contact: Hayami Arakawa, W31-3131, 617 253-4343, HAYAMI@MIT.EDU