MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2014

Sex+Gender: Build a Better Model!

Sean Delmore

Jan/27 Mon 05:00PM-06:30PM 50-005, Rainbow Lounge

Enrollment: Unlimited: No advance sign-up

The models we use to explain gender+sexual orientation have grown from simple binaries (male/female) & linear continuums (gay, bisexual, heterosexual), to more complex versions. Still, if you've seen the Genderbread model or tried to diagram gender & sexual identities, you know there's room for improvement! Come help engineer (a) better model(s)! We'll have markers, crayons, a whiteboard, other creative supplies, some tips for getting started, and dinner. (Drop in, stay as long as you are able.) All are welcome!

Contact: Abigail Francis, 50-005, 617 253-0684, AFRAN@MIT.EDU