MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2014

Adult Intro to Swimming Basics

MIT Recreation Staff

Enrollment: Limited: Advance sign-up required
Sign-up by 01/07
Limited to 10 participants
Attendance: Participants must attend all sessions
Fee: $44.00 for Member, $83 for non-members (Mon/Wed). $24/$47 for Tues

This course is designed for the individual who is hesitant and uncomfortable in water. It will provide support, guidance, and patience to help you to overcome your fear and truly enjoy the water. We will work on how to move safely through the water, how to submerge our heads under the water, how to gently drift into a floating position, and how to move from a horizontal float to a standing position. The class will have a maximum of 5 participants to ensure safety and comfort. Pre-requisite: Needs to be willing to stand in 4 feet of water and get face wet. Sign up online or at the main desk of the Zesiger Center or Alumni/Wang Center beginning December 9th.

Sponsor(s): Athletics, Physical Education & Recreation
Contact: Stacey Reardon, W35-164, x4-2100,


Jan/06 Mon 06:15PM-07:00PM Zesiger TeachingPool
Jan/08 Wed 06:15PM-07:00PM Zesiger TeachingPool
Jan/13 Mon 06:15PM-07:00PM Zesiger TeachingPool
Jan/15 Wed 06:15PM-07:00PM Zesiger TeachingPool
Jan/22 Wed 06:15PM-07:00PM Zesiger TeachingPool
Jan/27 Mon 06:15PM-07:00PM Zesiger TeachingPool
Jan/29 Wed 06:15PM-07:00PM Zesiger TeachingPool

MIT Recreation Staff


Jan/07 Tue 08:15PM-09:00PM Alumni Teaching Pool
Jan/14 Tue 08:15PM-09:00PM Alumni Teaching Pool
Jan/21 Tue 08:15PM-09:00PM Alumni Teaching Pool
Jan/28 Tue 08:15PM-09:00PM Alumni Teaching Pool

MIT Recreation Staff