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IAP 2015 Activities by Sponsor - MIT Security Studies Program

Contemporary Military Topics (series)

Joli Saraf

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Contemporary Military Topics (series of five sessions)

Sponsor(s): Center for International Studies, MIT Security Studies Program
Contact: Joli Divon Saraf, x8-7608,

Inside the White House Situation Room

Add to Calendar Jan/15 Thu 10:30AM-12:00PM E40-496, Lucian Pye Conf Rm

Unclassified discussion of the White House Situation Room focusing on evolution of the WHSR in its mission of giving direct, daily support to the President & National Security Staff.  Topics include Origins of the WHSR in the Kennedy administration, Evolution of mission & support to the President in national security decision-making, and Overview of WHSR capabilities, personnel, facilities & technology.


Glenn Voelz, US Army

The Evolution of Aerial Bombing

Add to Calendar Jan/21 Wed 10:30AM-12:00PM E40-496, Lucian Pye Conference Rm

The Evolution of Aerial Bombing (or How to Drop a Better Bomb in 90 Minutes or Less)

A seminar on the evolution of bombing methods in military aviation, focusing on the technological advancements from manual to computed bombing and the improvement of munitions from 'dumb' to 'smart' weapons.  Topics include the Iron Sight, the Bombing Triangle, General Purpose munitions, and GPS weapons.


Stephane Wolfgeher, USAF

Lessons Learned in Leadership

Add to Calendar Jan/22 Thu 10:30AM-12:00PM E40-496, Lucian Pye Conference Room

A military perspective on lessons learned in leadership and character for scientists, engineers, and introverts in general.  Seminar discussion will cover the challenges and best practices of operating in the "human domain," the art of providing candid feedback, techniques for mentoring others, and the role character plays in building great teams.

John Henderson, US Army

US Theater Security Cooperation/E. Asia

Add to Calendar Jan/28 Wed 02:00PM-03:30PM E40-496, Lucian Pye Conference Room

  As the US is withdrawing forces from the Middle East it is increasing its troop strength in the Pacific Command Area of Responsibility to support the "Pivot to the Pacific."  We will cover different phases of conflict & war, phase zero being the shaping operations that occur long before combat begins.  Discussion of exercises that the US Military is conducting in phase zero with allies in the region will be included.   

Eric Thompson, USMC

The Art & Science of a Carrier Landing

Add to Calendar Jan/29 Thu 10:30AM-12:00PM E40-496, Lucian Pye Conference Room

With 600+ carrier landings & having "waived" countless landings as a Landing Signals Officer, CDR Bernacchi brings a wealth of expertise to the Art, Science & tech of landing fighters on an aircraft carrier. From fresnel lenses to the wind effect of the "Burble" to systems used in bad weather & at night, he links the Art & Science of Naval Aviation in a multimedia experience.

Ryan Bernacchi, USN