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IAP 2015 Activities by Sponsor - Mr. Tal Achituv

Hacking for infant health

Tal Achituv, Media Lab / Fluid Interfaces, Nancy Holtzman, RN BSN IBCLC RLC CPN, Naomi Bar-Yam, Executive Director at Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast

Add to Calendar Jan/06 Tue 02:00PM-05:00PM E14-TBD

Enrollment: Please sign up in advance so we can prepare. Walk-ins welcome pending space
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Limited to 30 participants

Want to create some hacks that might save the lives of newborn babies?

Like blood-banks, maternal milk banks provide essential services to save lives and improve outcomes for newborn babies. This IAP session will introduce participants to critical design challenges in infant care through partnership with Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast, a non-profit organization that provides essential services to families, babies and hospitals. Participants will work in teams to come up with better ways of bottling milk, pasteurizing milk, controlling and measuring various aspects of the milk storage, connecting donors and receivers with an iOS/Android app, and other creative applications. Throughout the process, we will be supporting teams to research the problem space, hear from end-users and stakeholders, and learn about the latest science in neonatal health care and how that might be creatively translated into engineering and design applications.

During the first session we will form teams, and define projects. Teams will be be assigned mentors who will help the team realize their project. Mentors will meet with their teams on a schedule to be determined individually. 

Field trips to the milk bank (in Newton, MA) can be arranged for interested teams.

Example project ideas will be provided, though creativity is encouraged.

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Contact: Tal Achituv, E14-548, 917-512-5060, ACHITUV@MIT.EDU