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IAP 2015 Activities by Sponsor - Michael Mak

Random Forces Underlying Biology and Finance

Michael Mak (, Postdoctoral Associate, Fabian Spill (, Postdoctoral Associate

Enrollment: Limited: Advance sign-up required
Sign-up by 01/05
Limited to 35 participants
Attendance: Participants welcome at individual sessions

Random forces appear in many seemingly disparate fields, from physics and biology to finance and economics.  This course introduces some of the fundamental mathematical tools used to describe the underlying stochastic processes that drive biology and finance.  A quantitative approach will be taken to illustrate how stochasticity plays a central role in generating the complex patterns we observe across many scales, including basic examples such as random walks of cells and molecules and elementary derivative pricing.  We will focus on key principles and allude to how understanding one of these systems may provide insights towards the other.  Basic knowledge of math and differential equations would be useful (as well as knowledge of some mathematical software such as Matlab or Mathematica).  Bring your laptop, preferably preinstalled with Matlab or Mathematica.  


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