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IAP 2015 Activities by Sponsor - Mr. Abubakar Abid

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IAP Build Party

Joseph Okor, Instructor

Add to Calendar Jan/30 Fri 07:00PM-11:45PM MITERs

Enrollment: Unlimited: No advance sign-up
Prereq: None

Do you love designing things, or building things or wishing you could build things and could not think of what to build? Do you want to get involved with a startup and you have no ideas to work on or where to start? We have identified a set of problems whose solutions could make a big difference in the World. During the IAP, we hope to find solutions to these problems, and build prototypes. At the end of IAP, we hope to have a big party to show off our prototypes to friends, enemies, potential business partners, etc.

For more information, please visit:

Contact: Joseph Okor, MITERs (TBD), 561-431-8294,

Introduction to Electronics

Joseph Okor, Instructor

Add to Calendar Jan/12 Mon 03:00PM-06:00PM Location TBD, This is a week long class offered 3 separate times

Enrollment: Unlimited: Advance sign-up required
Sign-up by 12/25
Prereq: None
Fee: $25.00 for purchase printed circuit board (required)

Electronics hardware is getting so cheap that you can now buy a computer the size of half a credit card that can run a full Linux Operating System and thus capable of running most of your desktop Applications, and cost as low as $25. In this class, you learn the skills needed to take advantage of this revolution. The skills include soldering, PCB design and layout, how to fabricate a PCB, imtroduction to distributed systems.


This class is week-long and offered 3 separate times during IAP. For time information, please visit:


Contact: Joseph Okor, MITERs (TBD), 561-431-8294,