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"Fuel Your Mind" -- A Primer on Transportation Fuels, Current and Future

William H. Green, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Jim Simnick, Senior Technical Advisor, Global Fuels Technology, BP, George Huff, Advisor, Conversion Technology, Downstream Technology, BP

Add to Calendar Jan/28 Wed 10:00AM-05:00PM 66-168

Enrollment: Limited: First come, first served (no advance sign-up)
Limited to 60 participants

How is crude oil converted into gasoline and other transportation fuels? Is the gasoline available in Boston the same as what is available in Chicago?  What are biofuels and what is driving the demand for these fuels of the future? Which fuel properties matter for performance? Please join us in this short course offered by engineers from BP and Prof. Green to answer these questions, and to gain a better understanding of transportation fuels, and fuel processing technology. 

Projections and recent history suggest significant shifts in the transportation fuels system over the next few decades, but no one is sure how things will actually develop. This mini-course will give you a more complete perspective on the many issues involved when fuel standards or regulations shift and when new types of fuel feedstocks become available.

Experiences so far with E85 (and CNG) illustrate some of the realities which make it very challenging to introduce alternative fuels which are not compatible with existing engines and infrastructure.

Topics Include:


Sponsor(s): Chemical Engineering
Contact: Prof. William H. Green, E17-504H, 617-253-4580,

Numerical simulations with COMSOL Multiphysics

Mian Qin, COMSOL

Enrollment: Limited: First come, first served (no advance sign-up)
Limited to 80 participants
Attendance: Participants welcome at individual sessions

Learn how to build and share physics-based numerical models through introductory to advanced-level tutorials. Free trials will be provided as we explore the capabilities of COMSOL Multiphysics 5.0, including the new Application Builder.

Suitable for all Engineering and Science disciplines.

Sponsor(s): Chemical Engineering
Contact: Mian Qin, (781) 273-3322,

1. Introduction to COMSOL Multiphysics

Add to Calendar Jan/13 Tue 09:30AM-12:30PM 66-110

Discover the capabilities and features of COMSOL Multiphysics; learn the natural workflow of the COMSOL Desktop user interface.

* To receive the trial version before this lecture, please confirm your attendance at:
No prior COMSOL experience necessary. Existing users would benefit from the introduction to 5.0 release highlights.

Mian Qin - COMSOL

2. COMSOL Application Builder & Server

Add to Calendar Jan/13 Tue 01:30PM-03:30PM 66-110

COMSOL Applications provides a means for you to share your COMSOL models with anyone, anywhere in the world. In this session you will learn how to quickly convert your COMSOL models into Applications, and how to share them with others.
This lecture is suitable for anyone with an engineering, physics, or science background, who are interested in developing or using a COMSOL App.


Jeff Hiller - COMSOL

3. Intensive Immersion in COMSOL

Add to Calendar Jan/20 Tue 09:30AM-12:30PM 66-110

We will go over the details of:

* To receive the trial version before this lecture, please confirm your attendance at:
This lecture is suitable for anyone with an engineering, physics, or science background.

Fabrice Schlegel - COMSOL

4. Tips and Tricks when using COMSOL

Add to Calendar Jan/20 Tue 01:30PM-03:30PM 66-110

Looking to increase your productivity with the COMSOL product suite? From setting up to post-processing your COMSOL models, this session will showcase techniques that save time. Regardless of your engineering field, these tips and tricks will boost your efficiency and help you get the most out of your modeling efforts.

*To receive the trial version, please confirm your attendance:

Mian Qin - COMSOL

Swagelok Fitting & Regulator Lunch & Learn Seminar

Gary Sullivan

Add to Calendar Jan/14 Wed 12:00PM-02:00PM 66-110

Enrollment: Limited: First come, first served (no advance sign-up)
Limited to 60 participants

The seminar will include pizza. This will be a presentation and hands-on opportunity covering tube handling, cutting and Swagelok tube fitting connections for both liquid and gas handling systems. Participants will walk away with an understanding of the basic principal of regulator operation and selection and the theory of how a regulator works and regulator performance limits. Participants will also develop an understanding of how to construct their own fluid handling and control systems.

Sponsor(s): Chemical Engineering
Contact: Steve Wetzel, 66-466,

The Optimally Dismal Laboratory

Dr John F. Carrier, Sloan School of Management

Add to Calendar Jan/29 Thu 10:00AM-11:00AM 4-149

Enrollment: Limited: Advance sign-up required
Sign-up by 01/29
Limited to 45 participants

 Would you like to reduce your lab's output by 10%, 20%, or even as much as 50%?

Then Optimally Dismal Laboratory is a must attend event for you!


In this session, we provide an optimal approach for disrupting productivity, reducing safey, and dampening morale for your laboratory. We will explain the rationale behind these techniques through the systems and psychological studies of several notable MIT faculty, including Jay Forrester, John DC Little, Ed Schein, Douglas McGregor, and Kurt Lewin.  

Finally, we will show some "best practices" from several MIT labs. Also, feel free to submit photos of your lab's best productivity-disrupting activities for inclusion in the talk.


Sign up today at:



Finally, we'll present our “30 minute recipe” for reducing your lab's productivy - so you can start seeing results today!

Common Questions

Q: I am worried about the impact on my colleagues' productivity.

A: No need to worry. It will reduce their productivity as well.

Q: Could these techniques be used in reverse to improve productivity, safety, and morale?

A: Yes, but that would require a modicum of consideration and self-discipline.




Sponsor(s): Chemical Engineering, Sloan School of Management, Environment, Health and Safety Office
Contact: John Carrier,