MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2017 Schedule for January 12

Activity Title Location Special Meeting Info

05:00 AM

Ice Boating meeting place TBD dress warmly, sign waiver

07:45 AM

Synrgy Circuits 2nd Floor, Z Center

08:00 AM

Arabic 101 Location TBD
Boxing Conditioning T Club Lounge

09:00 AM

Computing in Optimization and Statistics E51-151
Making to Think: Leadership through Art Making Stratton: Mezzanine
Strength and Conditioning 2nd Floor Zesiger
Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting Washington, D.C.

10:00 AM

Get the most from your "omics" analysis: GeneGo MetaCore Software Training 14N-132 DIRC bring your laptop
Hacking the Holodeck: An Introduction to Touch and Virtual Reality IDC N52 3rd floor Bring laptop with Unity and Arduino IDE installed
Individual Consultations at the WCC (Writing and Communication Center) E18-233
Intro to Metal Sculpture 4-006
Introduction to sterile technique on the bench and biosafety cabinet 68-082

11:00 AM

Free-Space Laser Communication NE45-202 located at 300 Tech. Square

12:00 PM

AI, Mass Automation, and the Evolution of Human Dignity 4-153
Coaching in Effective Speaking with International Training in Communications members E51-149
The Next Step in Academic Science 68-181

01:00 PM

Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT) - Afternoon Session N52-419
Collaborative Design and Creative Expression with Arduino MIcrocontrollers 13-4101 bring laptop
Collaborative Sculpture: The Politics of Collective and Social Artistic Practice W20-425 bring laptop and/or sketchbook
Data Management: Data Management Planning & the DMPTool 14N-132
EHS-MS: Building a toolbox for the EHS Coordinator N52-496 Conf Rm A
From Fish Food to Microfluidics: The Amazing World of Microorganisms 5-007 bring notebook and pen to class
Healing the Heart of Democracy: A Personal Journey in Dialogue With Others E14-240
Introduction to Welding 4-006
Learn to Build Your Own Videogame with the Unity Game Engine and Microsoft Kinect 13-3101 bring laptop
Letterlocking and Early Italian Archival Bindings 14-0513 Wunsch Lab
Making Impressions with Light: From Stonehenge to Vermeer to Fiber-Optic Art 10-150
Pleasures of Poetry 2017 14E-304
Reverse Engineering for Exploitation 32-141 Bring your laptop
Software Radio Beaverworks NE45-202 bring your laptop
Technology Innovation Accelerator Beaverworks NE45-202
Waste management 101: Where Does Our Trash Go? 4-159

01:30 PM

Convert your CV to a 2-page Resume for Industry 4-270
Effective Presentation Skills - GECD 4-270
How to Design Electric Vehicles - Lecture 32-155

02:00 PM

Aviation Accident Investigation or Agatha Christie for Engineers Room 33-319
CREATING AXONOGRAPHY: From 2D to spatial sensory exhibition design tbd Please bring your own laptop
Glass + Light 10-150
IAP 2017 MIT Flute Ensemble 4-162
MIT Laptop Orchestra 4-364
News, Opinion, and the Importance of the Medium E52-432
Socialism vs. capitalism and war. 4-265
Transformative Appetite E15-341
What playfulness can change E15 - 315

03:00 PM

Arabic 101 Location TBD
Info Session: 2016 MIT Amgen-UROP Scholars Program 5-233
Introduction to EndNote 14N-132 (DIRC)
Introduction to Metal Casting 4-006
Media for Movement Building: Making Podcasts about Urban Planning in East Boston 9-217 Students will need to bring their own laptops

04:00 PM

Composite Forms W20-431

04:30 PM

Learning Science Through Cooking (FULL with FULL WAITLIST) Coffeehouse W20-308

05:00 PM

Applied Probabilistic Programming and Bayesian Machine Learning 4-237
Effective Speaking 3-333
EXO Day at the Media Lab Media Lab E14-244 Bring your Pitch

05:30 PM

Intermediate Swim Zesiger Pool
Learn Massage1 W59 bring twin sheets
MIT Heavy Metal 101 4-149

06:00 PM

"Eye Eye" Workshop and Demo 8-119
Learn To Play Bridge! 4-159
Modified Tai-Chi for Health 4-153

06:30 PM

Offshore Sailing Shore School 66-160
Stroke Technique Zesiger Pool

07:00 PM

Mars Settlement Series E62-221
Phenomenology of Superconductivity 4-163
Totally Teapots B W20-431
Winter School 10-250