MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2017 Schedule for January 25

Activity Title Location Special Meeting Info

07:00 AM

Learning Squash: The Fundamentals Zesiger Squash Court

08:00 AM

Intermediate Squash Zesiger Squash Court

08:30 AM

Boxing Technique Alumni Wang Studio

09:00 AM

Adventures in Scanning Electron Microscopy 4-141 1 hour break for lunch
Cultivating Your Leadership Presence 2017 Residence Inn Compton Room
Fundamentals of Science and Technology Public Policy Making: MIT Sci/Tech Policy Bootcamp 56-114
Introduction to Astrobiology 54-915
MIT Bio-Maker Workshop 1-190
ORC IAP Seminar 2017: "Careers in OR and Analytics" 32-123
Printing with Light: A classroom science project 3-434

10:00 AM

Designing Your Life E51-085
Exploring Public Health Through the Lens of Endometriosis TBD
Individual Consultations at the WCC (Writing and Communication Center) E18-233
Make an OScope, signal generator, and pulse oximeter measurement circuitry in 2 days! 38-500
Quantitative Texture Analysis Workshop 13-4041

10:30 AM

Enameling: Fused Glass on Metal 4-006
Getting Started with Dropbox 4-149
Health Care Reform: Where to Now? E52-432
Materials Characterization Techniques and Principles I Location TBD

11:00 AM

Fundamentals of ferromagnetism 13-5101
Introduction to Epistemic Game Theory 32-D461
Manage your PDFs and Citations: Zotero & Mendeley 14N-132

11:30 AM

Stirred into flame: finding joy and meaning by integrating our technical and spiritual lives 54-209

12:00 PM

Basics of Copyrights, Data, and Software Intellectual Property 3-133 Pizza will be served
IAP 2017- The Feynman Films 6-120
Mars Settlement Series 2-146

12:30 PM

Jewish Wisdom for Political Activism W-11 Lunch will be served
Problem-Solving for Engineers 3-370

01:00 PM

"The Codex and Its Variations": Artists' Books @ MIT 14N-112
Build a Small Radar System NE-45 2nd Floor MIT Beaver Works
Communicating Science to the Public E17-136
Data Management: Strategies for Data Sharing & Storage 14N-132
Generative(Algorithmic) Art Series Location TBD
Handset Printing at the Beaver Press Print Shop Barker Library Signup; link below.
Introduction to Remote Sensing 7-238, 3rd floor
Mars Settlement Workshop, System Design Series 2-146
MIT Language Conversation Exchange presents: Lunch around the World 16-644
Planning, Funding, and Implementing Transportation Projects in the Real World (or How It Really Works) 9-255
Pleasures of Poetry 2017 14E-304
Program Fuzzing Derby BeaverWorks NE45-201
Tax Issues for Employees and Entrepreneurs E51-145
Using Trello to plan for the zombie apocalypse 4-153
You Can't Spell API without IAP - An Exploration of MIT's Many APIs 2-105

01:30 PM

IAP 2017 Physics Lecture Series 6-120

02:00 PM

[AT CAPACITY] Tour of MIT's Nuclear Research Reactor 1/25 NW12 (first floor)
Bestial Sense: A Smell and Taste Workshop Compton Gly, Bldg10 Be 21+ and please bring ID
CMSE Introduction to Surface Analysis Part II: Scanned Probe Microscopies Room 13-2137
How the universe magnetizes itself: instabilities, turbulence and magnetic reconnection 1-190
Interactive Fiction Readings 14E-310
Learn to Program via a 'Less is More' Approach 34-302
LIGO Interferometery--talks, demonstration, and tour! NW22-258
Patent Law Fundamentals E51-151
Plasma Science and Fusion Center IAP Series 1-190
Shadow Magicians: Finding Freedom to Become Yourself 36-144
Spatial Data Tasting Menu: A quick dive into map-making tools for designers and planners 9-554
The Optimally Dismal Laboratory II: Now Even Worse! 66-110 bring a story and photo from your lab

02:30 PM

Modern Pure Mathematics for the Modern Applied Mathematician. A not-for-credit short course of 6 loosely-connected lectures E25-117

03:00 PM

A Whirlwind Tour of ML 36-156
Introduction to Metal Casting 4-006
Introduction to Welding 4-006
Micro Drone Vehicle Racing and Course Design : Build, Fly, and Pop Up Infrastructure Design N25-373G

03:30 PM

American Sign Language Beginner Class on-campus TBD

04:00 PM

Defense R&D and the Military-Industrial Complex: Science and National Priorities 4-163 CANCELLED DUE TO CONTINUED MEDICAL ISSUE

04:30 PM

Super Bowls A W20-431

05:00 PM

Activism, Organizing, and Social Movements 32-144

05:30 PM

Beginning Oil Painting Workshop B W20-425

06:00 PM

Computing Essentials for Scientists and Engineers 56-154 Bring your laptop
Introductory Hebrew 26-210

07:00 PM

Lecture: Music, Mind, and Brain E25-111
Splash for Us 2017 56, Floor 1
The Heretic's Club: Jesus-"The Way" OR "in the way"? (Dinner) 5-231

07:30 PM

Aikido W32 squash court 2
Lindy Hop Swing Dancing Lessons 50 Walker Memorial
Super Bowls B W20-431

08:00 PM

Digital to Analog B&W Photography W20-425
Israeli Folk Dancing Lobdell, W20 2nd fl