MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2017 Schedule for January 31

Activity Title Location Special Meeting Info

07:00 AM

Efficient Swimming Alumni Pool

07:45 AM

Synrgy Circuits 2nd Floor, Z Center

08:00 AM

Arabic 101 Location TBD
Boxing Conditioning T Club Lounge

08:30 AM

Game on security technologies for the critical infrastructure (with Kaspersky) E51-145

09:00 AM

Computing in Optimization and Statistics E51-151
Introduction to Astrobiology 54-915
Introduction to Metal Casting 4-006
Mobile Reading Marathon: Virginia Woolf 14E-304 Visit to view full list of locations
Regression Models in R 4-163 Bring your laptop
Strength and Conditioning 2nd Floor Zesiger

09:30 AM

Mobile Reading Marathon: Virginia Woolf 10-340 Visit to view full list of locations

10:00 AM

[AT CAPACITY] Tour of MIT's Nuclear Research Reactor 1/31 NW12 (first floor)
Adobe Photoshop Essentials: Basics of Photoshop W92 Back Bay Bring your laptop with software preinstalled
Art and Politics E53-485
Climate Action Hands On: Harnessing Science with Communities to Cut Carbon Location TBD
FT-IR Sampling Capabilities in CMSE 13-2137
Introduction to Welding 4-006
iOS Security 4-231

10:35 AM

Mobile Reading Marathon: Virginia Woolf Lobby 7 Visit to view full list of locations

11:00 AM

Conditional Logic and Belief Revision 32-D461
Departmental Exploration (DEX) 32-124
Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro 14N-132
Mathematics of Big Data 2nd Flr 300 Tech Sq Bring lunch if you like

11:20 AM

Mobile Reading Marathon: Virginia Woolf 3-310 Visit to view full list of locations

11:30 AM

The Wheel of Yoga E15-341 Flexible clothing and Yoga mat if possible

12:00 PM

Departmental Exploration (DEX) 32-124
Gentle Kripalu Yoga E51-061
Learn WordPress and Azure for Web Development and IoT 32-141 Bring Laptop
Mentor the Class of 2021: Become an Orientation Leader and/or Associate Advisor! 4-153
(CANCELED) Solar Observing Outside Student Ctr
Using images in your work: A look at copyright, open licensing, and fair use 14N-132 (DIRC)

12:30 PM

Social Impact Analysis for New Ventures 9-255 TBD

01:00 PM

Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT) - Afternoon Session N52-419D
Departmental Exploration (DEX) Stata Lobby
Get Up, Stand Up! History of Activism at MIT via a Glance at the Institute Archives 2-147
Housing Recovery - what's different this time E51-376
Introduction to R Graphics with ggplot2 4-237 Bring your laptop
Introduction to 4-159
Python for Map Creation Using ArcMap 14N-132
Writing Successful Proposals E17-136

01:10 PM

Mobile Reading Marathon: Virginia Woolf Barker Media Room Visit to view full list of locations

01:30 PM

Departmental Exploration (DEX) 2-135
Sampling of Careers in Biology 68-181

02:00 PM

Are You In or Out? An Overview of the Material Transfer Process at MIT 56-169
Assertiveness Workshop for Women TBD
Computational Law Course E15-341, MIT Media L Primarily Building/Exploring
Contemporary Military Topics (series) E40-496 Lucian Pye Conf Rm
Intro to Web Cartography - Mapping with LeafletJS 9-554
MIT Laptop Orchestra 4-364
Science Communication: Story Telling MIT Museum (N51)
Socialism vs. capitalism and war. 4-265
Using science to test innovations in social policy: Evidence from Education & Labor, Finance & Governance E52-432

02:10 PM

Mobile Reading Marathon: Virginia Woolf Music Library Visit to view full list of locations

03:00 PM

Arabic 101 Location TBD
Clinical Imaging Informatics: Radiology in 2020 E25-119 Bring a laptop
Departmental Exploration (DEX) 4-131b
Departmental Exploration (DEX) 32-124
ISO Guide to American Culture E19-202, 50 Ames St
Mobile Reading Marathon: Virginia Woolf Stella Room 7-338 Visit to view full list of locations

04:00 PM

Ceramica Botanica W20-431
Electronics for Makers 2-136
Polish Your English Through Creative Writing! 14N-313 Bring paper, pen, and laptop
Roman warships in Experiment: Reconstruction and Sailing Tests Marlar Lounge 37-252

05:00 PM

(FULL with WAITLIST) Small Batch Beer Brewing Thirsty Ear Pub
Activism, Organizing, and Social Movements 32-144
Climate Science and Policy, now more than ever! E51-325
Departmental Exploration (DEX) 32-124

05:30 PM

Adult Efficient Freestyle Alumni Pool
Beginning Oil Painting Workshop A W20-425
Introduction to Swimming Basics Zesiger Pool

05:45 PM

Highlights of what we have learned about Pluto from NASA's New Horizons mission 4-270

06:00 PM

Climate Science and Policy, now more than ever! E51-325
Introduction to Design Visualization 5-231 laptop with software installed
Introductory Hebrew 26-210
Learn To Play Bridge! 4-159

06:30 PM

Adult Beginning Swim Zesiger Pool
Offshore Sailing Shore School 66-160

07:00 PM

Hummus 101: Make your own hummus! W11 Main Dining Room
Totally Teapots A W20-431
Winter School 6-120

08:00 PM

Interpreting a Still Life W20-425
Intro to Version Control using Git & GitHub 4-237

09:30 PM

Women's Only Beginning Swim Alumni Pool
Women's Only Intermediate Swim Alumni Pool