MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2017 Activities by Sponsor - Secular Society of MIT

BON VOYAGE: Leaving Faith on Good Terms

Sebastian Garza, Secular Society of MIT, President, Sohan Dsouza, Secular Society of MIT, Editor of The Reason Review, Adam Reynolds, Blue Ocean Faith Chaplain

Feb/01 Wed 07:00PM-09:00PM TBD

Enrollment: Unlimited: Advance sign-up required
Sign-up by 01/30

MIT is a place of discovery; sometimes we discover that that our beliefs and values have shifted. Maybe we even find ourselves shedding one identity and embracing another. A significant chunk of people at MIT are leaving or have left Christianity to explore and embrace a more secular approach to life. For some this transition may happen naturally and smoothly; for others it may be significantly difficult and painful.

The exit process is often made worse by things like preachy, dogmatic threats of eternal punishment, social ostracism, severed friendships and lots of attempts to persuade and argue instead of sincere listening. Arrogance, self-righteousness and certitude leave little room for honest doubt, healthy skepticism and true exploration of what’s compelling and meaningful.

In this special IAP event, the Secular Society of MIT will offer a warm welcome into community to those exploring secularism while one of MIT’s Christian chaplains will offer parting words of blessing and affirmation to those whose authentic journey is leading them out of Christianity. There will also be a time for sharing stories of leaving faith and offering support for those who are in a spiritual transition or contemplating one.


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Sponsor(s): Secular Society of MIT, Blue Ocean Faith
Contact: Adam Reynolds, ADAM1@MIT.EDU