MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2017

Fundamentals of Science and Technology Public Policy Making: MIT Sci/Tech Policy Bootcamp

William Bonvillian, Director, MIT DC Office

Enrollment: Fill out application by deadline
Sign-up by 12/09
Limited to 30 participants
Attendance: Participants should attend all sessions but it is not mandatory

This activity examines the public policy behind, and the government's role in the science and technology based innovation system. Emphasis placed on the U.S. S&T system, but international examples discussed. The seminar aims to equip those planning careers in and around science and technology with the basic background for involvement in science policymaking.

We cover the following topics:1)drivers behind science and technology support: growth economics, direct and indirect innovation factors, innovation systems theory, the "valley of death" between R&D and public-private partnership models; 2)organizing framework behind US science agencies, their missions and research organizational models, and the DARPA model as an alternative; 3)the way innovation is organized when it's face-to-face; 4)barriers and challenges to health science advance; 5)The energy technology challenge - how the science/tech innovation system needs to be organized to meet it within an existing and established complex economic sector; and 5) upcoming competitiveness challenge in advanced manufacturing.

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Sponsor(s): Political Science
Contact: Gyung Hoon Kang (Kenny),

Session 1

Jan/23 Mon 09:00AM-03:00PM 56-114

Session 2

Jan/24 Tue 09:00AM-03:00PM 56-114

Session 3

Jan/25 Wed 09:00AM-03:00PM 56-114

Session 4

Jan/26 Thu 09:00AM-03:00PM 56-114

Session 5

Jan/27 Fri 09:00AM-12:00PM Location TBD