MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2017

Painting with Data. Introduction to Real-Time, Multidimensional Spatial Analysis through Voxels with an Open-Source Web Application

Carlos Sandoval Olascoaga, Ph.D. Candidate in Architectural Computation

Feb/01 Wed 03:00PM-06:00PM 9-450B, Please bring your own laptop

Enrollment: Limited: Advance sign-up required
Sign-up by 01/17
Limited to 20 participants
Prereq: Knowledge of GIS is a plus

Ever wanted to speculate about causal relationships with spatial datasets on the fly? Or build multivariate spatial and map algebra models iteratively, while getting immediate feedback? Interested in building 3D and 4D geospatial models to compute with?

Students learn to build exploratory geospatial models on-the-fly and methods for creating, and operating with multi-dimensional models via a web application developed by the instructor and a group of MIT researchers that allows the user to build 3D and 4D geospatial models.

Painting with Data, is an open-source web-application that utilizes voxels to visually compute with geospatial information ‘on-the-fly’, interactively receiving visual and functional feedback when manipulating geospatial datasets, allowing the creation and manipulation of spatial models such as map algebra iteratively. The tool also introduces a visual programming language, and allows easy, intuitive, and ‘on-the-fly’ functional geospatial computing, extending its representational and analytical modeling capacities. Its technological and theoretical features propose a hybrid approach to urban computing, combining functional and representational modeling.

There will be an intro to conventional model-making in GIS and finally to Painting with Data, as an alternative tool for spatial mapping and modeling. * Please contact instructor Carlos Sandoval Olascoaga, to enroll by Jan 20. Lim. to 25

Sponsored by the Dept. of Architecture and the Civic Data Design Lab

Sponsor(s): Architecture
Contact: Carlos Sandoval Olascoaga,