MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2017

Learn to Build Your Own Videogame with the Unity Game Engine and Microsoft Kinect

Kyle Keane, Lecturer, Craig Carter, Professor in DMSE, Andrew Ringler, Research Affiliate, Mark Vrablic, MIT Student, EECS, Abhinav Gandhi, Visiting Student, EECS

Jan/09 Mon 01:00PM-04:00PM 13-3101, bring laptop
Jan/10 Tue 01:00PM-04:00PM 13-3101, bring laptop
Jan/11 Wed 01:00PM-04:00PM 13-3101, bring laptop
Jan/12 Thu 01:00PM-04:00PM 13-3101, bring laptop
Jan/13 Fri 01:00PM-04:00PM 13-3101, bring laptop
Jan/17 Tue 01:00PM-04:00PM 13-3101, bring laptop
Jan/18 Wed 01:00PM-04:00PM 13-3101, bring laptop
Jan/19 Thu 01:00PM-04:00PM 13-3101, bring laptop
Jan/20 Fri 01:00PM-04:00PM 13-3101, bring laptop

Enrollment: Limited: Advance sign-up required
Sign-up by 01/07
Limited to 40 participants
Attendance: Participants must attend all sessions
Prereq: None

Register at for this 9-day hands-on workshop about designing, building, and publishing simple educational videogames. No previous experience with computer programming or videogame design is required. Beginning students will be taught everything they need to know, and advanced students will be challenged to learn new skills. Participants will work in small teams to design, build, and publish videogames that will be shared in a large public exhibition. Team projects are open-ended and designed by participants. Examples include: a collection of bouncing balls that can be sped up or slowed down using hand gestures, a virtual reality laboratory where kids can perform experiments, and crowdsourcing interface for describing scientific graphics for blind students. Participants will complete guided projects in order to learn the fundamentals and will then break into small teams to complete a one-day mini-project of their choosing. Participants will then break into new teams that will have four days to design, plan, and build a custom project of their choice. On the last day, students will present their projects in a public exhibition and have the chance to win a prize for “crowd favorite”. Participants will learn about videogame creation using the Unity game engine, collaborative software development using GitHub, gesture handling using the Microsoft Kinect, 3D digital object creation, videogame design, and small team management.

Sponsor(s): MIT-SUTD Collaboration, Materials Science and Engineering
Contact: Kyle Keane,