MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2018 Schedule for January 8

Activity Title Location Special Meeting Info

09:00 AM

Walls of Air -The Brazilian Pavilion at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale TBA bring laptop

10:00 AM

Design Lab: You 4-410
Images in Translation tbd Arch Studio Bring Laptop
Individual Consultations at the WCC (Writing and Communication Center) E18-233
Spacecraft Surface Charging and Deep Dielectric Charging in Space Environment 33-319

11:00 AM

Enameling: Fused Glass on Metal 4-006
Introduction to the Harpsichord for Pianists and Organists Killian Hall

12:00 PM

IAP 2018- The Feynman Films 6-120
IAP 2018- The Feynman Films 6-120
MIT Writers' Group E17-136
Podcast Lunch 56-167

01:00 PM

Fundamentals of Exploitation NE 45 2nd Floor
Learning Leadership Skills Through Feature Films NE49-Room 2173
Mathematics Lecture Series 2-190 Speaker: Heather Macbeth
Pleasures of Poetry 2018 14E-304

01:30 PM

IAP 2018 Physics Lecture Series 6-120

02:00 PM

IAP 2018 MIT Flute Ensemble 4-162
(CANCELED) More on algebraic topology Location TBD

03:00 PM

Quick & dirty data management: the 5 things you should absolutely be doing with your data now 14N-132

04:30 PM

Mighty Mugs A W20-431

05:30 PM

Adult Beginning Swim Zesiger Teaching Poo

06:00 PM

Pre-Masters: An Introduction to Swim Workouts Alumni Pool

06:30 PM

Adult Intermediate Swim Zesiger Center
Heavy Metal 101 4-145

07:00 PM

WMBR Presents: Live on the Air 50-030 Bring yourself!

07:30 PM

Introduction to Isshinryu Karate DuPont Multipurpose Room is W31-225
Mighty Mugs B W20-431