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IAP 2018 Activities by Sponsor - Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center

Essential Skills for Researchers

David Rolnick

Enrollment: Advance sign-up preferred
Attendance: Participants welcome at individual sessions

This series of workshops offers practical advice on communication skills for researchers. Each session will include time for participants to practice the skills and receive feedback from peers and panelists. 

Use this form to indicate interest in the four workshops - we will send room information for later sessions once rooms are confirmed -

Week  1

Delivering an Elevator Pitch  

Week 2

Writing a broad-impact abstract

Week 3 

Designing a scientific figure

Thursday, January 25




Felice Frankel, Center for Materials Science and Engineering, Research Scientist and science photographer. See examples of Felice’s work at:

Participants are encouraged to bring a photograph / chart / other figure, ideally of their own work, for feedback.  It doesn't have to be perfect! 

Week 4

How to give a TEDx talk

Thursday, Feb 1, 2:30-4 pm

MIT room 4-163

Giving a TEDx talk is a good way to gain visibility and communicate beautiful ideas to the lay public. In this discussion / workshop, we will explore how to design and deliver TED-style talks.

Participants should be prepared to attempt a TED-style intro - about 3 minutes, without slides, introducing a general audience to a favorite topic.

Sponsored by Communicating Science @ MIT and the PKG Public Service Center.


Sponsor(s): Communicating Science @ MIT, Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center
Contact: Alison Hynd, W20-549,

Delivering an Elevator Pitch

Add to Calendar Jan/11 Thu 02:30PM-04:00PM 4-163


Practice your pitch and receive real-time feedback from the audience and panelists. 

David Rolnick

Writing a Broad-Impact Abstract

Add to Calendar Jan/18 Thu 02:30PM-04:00PM 5-233


Diana Chien, Instructor/Manager, MIT Biological Engineering Communication LabBrian Plosky, Deputy Editor, Molecular Cell

Panelists will present on the essentials of writing a good broad-impact abstract, then all participants will have a chance to practice abstract writing and receive feedback from peers and panelists.

David Rolnick