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Earth, Atmos & Planetary Sci

Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences Lecture Series
Scott Sewell
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Contact: Scott Sewell, 54-910, x3-3380, sewell@mit.edu

Big Rivers - Chemistry and Field Work
John Edmond
Amazon. Congo. Nile. Yangtze. The names alone conjure up images of exotic, sometimes dangerous, habitats. All you ever wanted to know about these formidable waterways-- but were afraid to ask!
Tue Jan 12, 12-01:30pm, 54-915

Observing the Oceans with ALVIN
John Edmond
Take a dive in the ALVIN! Huge fields of hot springs, much bigger and hotter than any on land, exist on the sea floor. These springs support dense and thriving colonies of organisms found nowhere else on the planet. These beautiful organisms can only be seen from ALVIN, a deep-diving research submarine.
Tue Jan 19, 12-01:30pm, 54-915

Aircraft measurements of global pollution and their use to probe atmospheric structure.
Reginald Newell
A brief account of four missions to the west and south Pacific and to the North Atlantic to measure atmospheric pollution In addition to providing lots of new information (some quite unexpected) about pollution sources they show the ubiquitous presence of laminae (also unexpected).
Tue Jan 5, 12-01:30pm, 54-915

Electron Microprobe Analysis on JEOL JXA-733 Superprobe
Dr. Nilanjan Chatterjee
Mon Jan 4, 01-05:00pm, 54-1221

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Single session event
In this session you will have hands-on experience on our newly upgraded Electron Microprobe with enhanced imaging capabilities and learn about wavelength and energy dispersive spectrometry, backscattered and secondary electron imaging and elemental X-ray mapping. This is a one-session,non-credit course.
Contact: Dr. Nilanjan Chatterjee, 54-1216, x3-1995, nchat@MIT.EDU

Reel Science
Mandisa Washington
Tue, Jan 12, 19, 26, 03-06:00pm, 14E-310

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: none
Volcanoes in downtown L. A.? Killer rocks from outer space? Fearless tornado-hunters? None of that could really happen, right? Hollywood tries to make sure that the dialogue and effects are accurate enough to make you think that it could. But how close do these spectacular displays of science come to the goal of plausibility? This is an informal seminar series where participants can watch a few of these films and discuss these sorts of issues.
Web: http://www.mit.edu/people/disa_t/IAP/
Contact: Mandisa Washington, x5-9631, disa_t@mit.edu

Workshop on Global Pollution
Reginald Newell
Mon, Wed, Fri, Jan 4, 6, 8, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25, 27, 01-02:00pm, 54-1510

No limit but advance sign up required
Participants requested to attend all sessions (non-series)
Course provides introduction to 12.305 (see Bulletin description) which will be held in Spring 1999 (2-0-4). Students will interact with the field group via the internet, receive aircraft measurements from the field which can be used to perform analyses and send suggestions to the field for subsequent flights.
Contact: Reginald Newell, 54-1824, x3-2940, newell@newell1.mit.edu

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