IAP 99 Non-Credit Activities by Sponsor


Professional Development Series
Robin Carleton
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Contact: Robin Carleton, W89-285, x8-9511, carleton@mit.edu

Positive Politics in Organizations
Jim Dezieck
In a project of your choosing, you will learn how to win support, build lasting relationships, and avoid manipulation in an organizational world of allies, adversaries, and fence-sitters.
Thu Jan 14, 10am-12:00pm, W20-400

Your Career, Your Life -- Your Choice
Ronnie Beth Rump
This hands on, experiential workshop provides a fresh new look at where you are in your career, the choices you perceive you have, the choices you really have, and a plan to explore your options.
Mon Jan 25, 10am-12:00pm, W20 - PDR 1&2

Getting the Most Out of Training
Francine Crystal
Prevent your brain from being shelved along with those training manuals! Learn a variety of easy, effective strategies to improve the way you understand, remember and apply new concepts and skills and have some fun, too.
Thu Jan 28, 10-11:00am, W20-400

Effective Meeting Practices
Jeff Pankin
This workshop provides tips and tools for holding successful meetings. Participants will learn about the ways to enhance the use of agendas, meeting roles, and facilitation techniques. Methods of evaluating meetings will also be covered.
Thu Jan 7, 10-11:00am, W20 - PDR 1&2

Negotiating Diversity Differences
Regina Caines and Thomas P. Zgambo
Approaches to valuing differences in a diverse community will be discussed and demonstrated. Topics will include identifying value differences, dealing with offensive behavior, giving meaningful apologies.
Fri Jan 15, 09-10:30am, W20-400

Learning How to Learn
Diana Haladay
The Learning Styles Inventory (LSI) will be the basis for identifying your learning style and targeting ways to enhance your responses to new learning situations.
Wed Jan 20, 10-11:30am, W20 - 400

The Art of Using Visual Aids for Presentations
Margaret Ann Gray
This workshp provides tips for using visual aids during presentations. Participants learn about the use of transparencies, slides, flip charts, videotapes, handouts, etc. Tips include when to use each, how much information to include, etc.
Thu Jan 21, 10-11:00am, W20 - 400

Professional Learning Center Open House
Robin Carleton
Learn more about the training opportunites offered at the MIT Professional Learning Center. Visit with representatives from SAP, IS Training Services, and Performance Consulting and Training to discuss the training programs offered to the community. Facility staff will also be on hand to discuss the services offered by the Professional Learning Center.
Fri Jan 22, 01-03:00pm, W89

Orientation and Rewards Recommendations
Kenia Franco and Julie Fresina
Team leaders from the Orientation Team and Recognition and Rewards Team of the Human Resource Practices Development project will share their research findings. The team leaders will provide an overview of the team's work.
Tue Jan 19, 02-04:00pm, W20 - Mezzanine Loun

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