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Saul T Griffith

Kite, Parafoil, and Inflatable Wing Making Workshop
Saul T Griffith
Mon Jan 11, Tue Jan 12, Wed Jan 13, 10am-06:00pm, E15-429

Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: A passion for things that fly
This is a practical workshop from which participants will learn how to design, construct, and fly their own kites. Learn drafting, basic aerodynamics, laser cutting, sewing, knots and braiding. A number of suggested designs are offered but improvisation and experimentation are absolutely encouraged. The group leader will be building an 8 square metre self-inflating power kite and shall teach by example. Materials required include sail cloth (icarex or similar nylon / polyester material). Sewing thread will be provided. Adventurous parties may also choose to build a wind-powered kite buggy.
Web: http://www.ozemail.com.au/~saul/Kites/Kites.html
Contact: Saul T Griffith, E15-429, 253-5554, saul@media.mit.edu

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